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  1. well, I got the new module and that seems to have fixed it completely. I have had no short outs or anything, I just need to work on fixing the motors internals themselves to have nice, working headlights again, thank you everyone. Its been awesome, Reatta forums are definitely the most supportive forums I've ever been on. Keep up the great work!
  2. not always, They will when I get the connections cleaned up... but If I leave them up then come back a lil while after, they will go down but not go back up. Even If I crank em up though they wont automatically go down
  3. Yes I can crank them manually and they dont bind up, the resistance of the arm is there but nothing else. Ill need an internal Motor kit sometime soon but thats next on the list.
  4. welp, after further tests I have concluded the module went bad, the Motors will go down most of the time I tell em to, and the motors will go up when I clean up the contacts and wiggle the connectors, but if I come back like 3 minutes later they wont work... I will test a good module and if thats the case I will be ecstatic, however if its not... Then I will be terrified because nothing else has been suggested to the problem... O.o Thanks for all the help guys and Ill let you know ASAP
  5. ok so It worked a bit when I plugged it back in and then it stopped working a bit, so I guess that If I put some contact sealer on it that will fix the problem, Unless this is a sign the module is going bad, what do you guys think?
  6. Thanks Guys! Ill go head and try plugging it back in and seeing if it works.
  7. The lights do come on when I press the switch, Its the motors that dont seem to ( Or just occasionally) get power...
  8. Well I know the internals maybe going bad but I fear it is an electrical problem because I can see the knobs at the end of the motors turn sometimes but not always... Its not that The lights wont go up, it just seems that they wont engage period.
  9. So My headlights have been giving me quite a hassle. They wont engage. I understand that the motors may have parts that are worn down IN them but the problem seems that they just arent starting up period...:confused:
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