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  1. Thanks everyone for the help and information. Since it's an aftermarket addition it's probably best if we try to replicate the original. We are off to a swap meet this weekend to start our search. Don and Pat
  2. We think this is the original fender welt in our 1953 Buick2 door hardtop Roadmaster – trim package number 72. It consists of what appears to be an aluminiumor steel tube which is split the entire length (8 – 9 feet). Inside this tubeis a fabric covered wire that runs the full length with 1 inch teeth coming outof the split every 3 inches. There wasfabric between the teeth. A very smallpiece has not rotted away and is photographed here. The fabric covered teeth fit between the fender and body ofthe car. The tube does not appear tohave any paint or finish on it. Theteeth are wrapped around the fabric covered wire. I have never seen this before. Can someone tell me anything about it? The car is nearing completion and I intend topolish the welt and put it back in the car. Any and all help / information is appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the help Martin. We're off this morning on a lead to see someone we are told scans and sells PPG paint. Don and Pat Palmer
  4. Our 53 buick roadmaster 2 door hardtop was originally painted with an imperial blue roof and glacier blue body - code 87. We can find Ditzler PPG code of 10674 for the Imperial Blue and an Acme Rogers code of 7499 for the glacier blue on the internet but our local auto paint store here in Ontario Canada says they need Dupont codes to blend paint colours. Is anyone able to help us? Thanks. Don and Pat Palmer
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