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  1. I appreciate you comments, so thank you, everyone. Having only recently moved to Denver, my social circle is very small, so seeking out a friend or acquaintance probably won't happen for a while. I'm a member of the Colorado region CCCA now, but not involved in AACA locally at all (I'll look into it further). I'd like to rent space from a "car guy" as opposed to some random situation I find along the way, but anything reliable would be fine. I'll look explore Craigslist and the club routes for now. I am young, 25, so the widow seeking a young companion could happen.
  2. I'm looking to purchase my first classic car, but storage, or rather lack thereof, is holding me back. My downtown loft does not enable me to have another vehicle, so I will have to turn elsewhere. What are some affordable options that you all would suggest to properly keep a car stored? I live in Denver, so I do have snow/inclement weather to take into consideration. I appreciate your input and suggestions! Thank you.
  3. The actual show itself is only okay, at best. Their selection of pre-war "big" cars is limited to under six most years. There are many nice post-war cars, however. The swap meet is huge and is more like a generic flea market, but I've always found neat things. You won't find a Packard Twelve radiator shell, but lots of junior-type car stuff. Best deep fried cheese curds you'll have in your life (from the Wittenberg Lion's Club), and believe me having grown up in Wisconsin, I know a thing or two....
  4. That is such a great piece of automotive history you have there. I have never seen that sample book before.
  5. 1934 Packard Twelve (the picture is from a Dietrich convertible victoria)
  6. This is probably the most accurate statement I've ever read in my life.
  7. A gorgeous car! Keep us posted, with lots of pictures, as to your progress.
  8. I saw a sold sign on it when I looked at it on Saturday.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. Thank you for opening up your garage to me and offering a plethora of information. Hope to see you again at some local shows!
  10. The base just doesn't look right, as I don't see a coin edge. Also, the late thirties had a different base, at least on senior models. Does the figure portion disconnect from the base?
  11. Thank you for the offer. I'll send you a PM after this response. No ill judgments will fall upon anyone else because of others' actions. I will certainly attend other shows and communicate with others, as I feel that the experience I had was probably an abnormal one.
  12. The gentleman who owned the Dietrich Packard Twelve was very nice, and very busy with lots of people at the show. It was others at the show. I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. Thank you to everyone for their responses. I certainly have not lost any of my passion for the hobby, as it is deeply rooted. I will change up my approach to car owners, as was previously suggested. Being young, I know it is very easy to come off as a know it all; so I try to be very tactful, if you will, with my word choice. Also, I will go on to say that the actions of a few bad eggs will not affect my opinion towards the rest of our community. I suppose with my original post, I just wanted to hear what others thought, felt, and experienced when they were new to the hobby. I will continue to attend shows and fuel my love for the topic.
  14. I'm new to the area, so thank you for sharing the June 29th date. I will definitely try to make it! Due to my prior location, I have not made it to an official AACA event, yet. I plan on changing that soon. Also, as a general statement, I enjoy hearing about really all cars, including your pickup. Edit: I wish I could make the June 29th show, as it really isn't too far from me; but with that landing on quarter end, I will be exceedingly busy with work through that entire weekend and following week.