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  1. I found a place to make all the glass tinted brown.. But I can't find my notes... I think it was a place in California
  2. Where is the best place to get Windows and windshield for my car
  3. Need some of the wood for the interior of my standard six sedan. I have most of it, but a few peices didnt survive. If anyone can help me, I think I know how all of it goes back in the car, but it was like a jig saw puzzel at first. I have saved alot of the origainal pieces,with glue n clamps. But some are to far gone to save. HELP !
  4. Thanks that helps. I can send him mesurements
  5. Can anyone tell me if a 28 fast four grill shell is the same as a 28 standard 6 ??? Please help.
  6. Need a dog bone cap for a 28 standard 6 HELP. Can anyone tell me where i can buy one ??
  7. Can some one tell me where to find a dog bone cap for a 28 standard 6........???
  8. Still need a grill shell for a 28 DB standard 6
  9. Sorry.....its a standard 6 also need wiper arm if u can help....THANKS
  10. I am looking for.a wiper motor for a 28 DB sedan ...c if u have one please.
  11. Thanks .yea it is diferent looks nothin like mine....THANKS
  12. Heard u were building a 28 standard 6 would like.to pick ur brain a little Call me at 918-424-0770 thanks Edwin.
  13. Thanks i have a guy lookin at it to c if he can fix it and renickel it.....will let u know....THANKS.
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