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  1. those old cars sure put the classy in classic.looks like a fun project.and the knowledge on this forum is scary good.
  2. I knew a girl whom had one that said skylark or skybird on one side and citation on the other.I asked if it had been wrecked she said no,it came that way.I dont know if it was factory or not,but I got a laugh from it.
  3. Dandy Dave can afford peanuts? must be one of them upper 1% fellas....lol
  4. Stalled for the winter for the most part.But all the smaller items,stainless,and engine parts are nearly done.Stainless was lightly sanded to remove scratches and using a polishing wheel went from coarse to fine on each part.(something to think about)when using a polishing wheel it seems they only last around 40hours of use and you should use one for each grade of polish,you can just clean the wheel but that causes less hours for the wheel life.i have gone through 4 wheels and still have a bit to go,but the stainless looked like brushed stainless and now is guessing about 95% reflective.not mirror finish,but shockingly better.i spend 3 days a week for around 4 hours working on the parts.(as time allows)...having fun,which is why i chose this hobby.
  5. hehehe,I know I would have a hard time with those screws.I drop the big ones enough.
  6. they look new, jewelers rouge?or buffing compound?
  7. what is the number of that paint? its beautiful.
  8. I'm am new to this too,the wealth of knowledge on this forum is boggling.I read the forum every day.also check craigslist and local old car bulk magazines you find at convince stores.ebay prices are high in my opinion,but its where you have to go sometimes.
  9. snopes.com: Uses for WD-40 Spray Lubricant
  10. Rest of front removed,how ever 57 years of rusted bolts and fittings ended up having to cut some of the bolts off even after a bit of pb blaster.not a big deal as I plan to get new bolt and other fittings on the rebuild.I have no idea how you could do this on a 100 year old car,hats off to you guys.
  11. thank you very much,parts are rare here in this area.
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