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  1. to me they look a lot like Model A Ford, although I don't know the dia. of the Ford light.
  2. My parts book lists a T-75 or T-79 for 8cyl. cars in '31. Is this a transmision you want to sell? If so, i'm interested
  3. I found a grille badge for my car at Hershey last year. If you are going it might be your best bet. As far as I know the only identification on the car was the grille badge and a decal on the dash that said ' the Dictator by Studebaker' (Richard Quinn is the best source to confirm this)
  4. here is the video as promised. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=375023922626121
  5. An interesting day today. I had a ride in a 1922 Stanley 7 passenger touring car. The last time I drove in this car was in 1962. The owner has had this car for 66 years. I'll post a video tomorrow.
  6. Marty Roth I see you have a 1914 Buick. I have an engine from a '12 or '13,(pre electric start). The car was purchased new by a former resident of our community, along with a bottle of gin to celebrate his first new car. By the time he arrived in Woodville (probably visiting some friends along the way) the car was getting too difficult to control. He crashed into the ditch late at night. A neighbor heard the crash and pulled him out of the now burning car. The engine sank into the water in the ditch, the rest of the car was burned to nothing. Many years later my father bought the engine, but never did anything with it. It's still in my barn. The car traveled approximately 14 miles before the crash.
  7. An interesting car and a history too. It was used as a tour car for Queen Elisabeth when she visited Toronto in '57. After the tour it was for sale, a local person happened to be in Toronto so he went to the dealer and bought it on the spot. It now belongs to his grandson.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I will try to locate the outfit in Texas.
  9. About a year ago I was talking to a gentleman about my '31 Studebaker. He said "you should see the old Cadillac of my grandfather's sometime. It's out of the fiftys but quite nice. It is about a 25 mile drive, so I didn't go until today. The man's uncle is storing it in his barn. When he opened the door, here is what I found. A 1957 Eldorado Biarritz convertible with 2 four barrel carbs. A half hour of tinkering and it was running like a clock. The exhaust is still tight!. It has original paint, top, everything. The only defect I could see is the rear bumper is corroded from where the exhaust comes out. Leather 6 way power seats , wonder bar radio. WOW!! The down side....it`s not for sale.
  10. I was sure I read about a tour in Pa. The week before the fall Hershey show. Now I can't find anything about it. I'm thinking about trailering my '31 Dictator to Pa. and would like to participate in a tour of there is one. What about the Glidden tour? Does my car qualify? any info. Would be greatly appreciated. (I'm in Nova Scotia Canada. My car is a Canadian built car, one of 224 built in Canada that year.)
  11. Hi I'm looking for a manifold set for a Plymouth from 1931 or so. I'm not sure of the year but it has a 4 cyl. engine and an up-draft carburetor. Both the exhaust and intake manifolde are cracked and have been repaired with bronze which wasn't successful. Can anyone help. This is for a friend in Holland.
  12. Let me add my 2 cents worth. As someone mentioned above, teh water pumps really move a lot of water. Check that the lower hose has a coil spring inside. The wire coil prevents the hose from collapsing due to suction from the pump. I may look fine at idle but at sustained higher RPMs it could collapse and this will shut the water flow off.
  13. My 31 Dictator U-joint was badly worn. It uses a Spicer joint and is a type A in the '29 to '40 Studebaker chassis manual. I had a machinist friend cut the flange out of the original, and welded in a joint from a Toyota RAV 4X4. I was able to fit it together and still put the cover over the joint so it looks original. I don't know if your joint is like this one but if you want I can send photos of the procedure.
  14. I have some 505 parts for sale. Engine hood, doors, windshields, 15" alloy wheels (4) with centers etc. let me know if you need something. I even have a TRX tire or two.
  15. John Thanks for the tip about the pipe in the manifold. I wasn't aware of this. I'm going to pull the head off of my '31 Dictator this winter to clean up the valves. This will be the ideal time to check the pipe for corrosion.