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  1. Got the Benz out this morning for a test run after the new timing chain and rails. We needed to revive this thread anyway.
  2. If I had the money I could buy another car every day. If I look I will find somthing I would like to have. I built my new garage a couple of years ago to get some of my cars out of the barn but all I did was buy more cars to put in the garage and never moved any from the barn. I just enjoy old cars.
  3. I am starting to part out a 1972 Vista Cruiser. It has a lot of good parts. Factory 455 car. Car is complete except radiator top plate and dash pad and gages. Im am in east tn. Everything is available at this time. Roof Rack 125 Hood 100 Fuel tank 50 Radiator shroud 50 4 core radiator offers PM parts requests Thanks for Looking Troy
  4. Does it count if you only drive down your driveway? I was able to drive my 68 Merc down for a bath. Finally making some progress after 3 years. Sure was nice to set in the drivers seat again
  5. East TN here. I joined the Crosley Club a couple years ago. Maybe Ill make it the Crosley National show one year. Troy
  6. Drove the Thing to work, met a MG didnt even get a wave from the MG owner. Oh well. I love to see another old car rolling.
  7. We got the VW Thing out and put about 100 miles on it before its nap for the winter. "Do some miles, get some smiles"
  8. I got the VW Thing out for a little road time. Do the miles and get some smiles.
  9. Im happy to be a crosley owner. The gas tank seems to be my only missing pc of my car. Im looking forward to joining the Cros club. Fred sent me a PDF copy sunday night. Looks like a great magazine. If I cant find a tank reasonably priced I guess Ill just make me one. Troy
  10. I saw several antique cars traveling thru east TN. I think it was 2007 or 2008. They looked like cars from the 20's and 30's. I saw them 2 or 3 years in a row. I would love to know the date if they ever come thru here again. They were traveling on Hwy 66S toward Rogersville TN. I know for suer they stopped in downtown Rogersville Tn. Does anyone know what club or group this was? thanks in advance.I think it was late March or April .:)
  11. I am looking for a good gas tank for a 51 CD sedan.
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