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  1. Beautiful...hope it finds a good home and is brought back to life... she looks just like mine...
  2. Also, i've been so confused with the VIN# and the Date on the Title as they conflict. The VIN# points to a 1926, while the title points to a 1925. I just got feedback from Hagerty's (Hagerty.com) consierge desk, that it is in fact a model '1926' while the title and all papers point to a '1925'...the car was most likely built in 1925 (but a 1926 Model). so hope that helps shed some insight in my inability to decide how to label the car... LOL
  3. ...that is not me in the 'Uncle Sam' photo...but you can see the electric fuel pump just above the steering column... now I want to find an original fuel pump...
  4. ...that is not me in the 'Uncle Sam' photo...but you can see the electric fuel pump just above the steering column... now I want to find an original fuel pump...
  5. As always i always get great advice and also learn something new. After the parade, mybsone and I traced the humming sound... Though it sounds like its coming from the starter switch on the floor, it is really coming from the 'new' electric fuel pump that is mounted on the fire wall next to where the steering column comes through... This now sets me on the path of researching the original fuel intake system. I'll post some pics of the car in the parade.
  6. Thanks for responding. Just to let you know that I finally solved the problem...and just before getting to the point of doing something stupid. I found a photo of the dash board my son had taken while we were driving the vehicle. It showed the position of the Key in the 'on' state, at a 45 degree turn to the right...where I was at the time only able to get the key to turn just a fraction to the right... So I fiddled with the key in the ignition and wiggled it around and finally it gave...allowing me to turn it all the way to the right. The Ammeter moved, and the humming noise began...and I started her up on the first try!!!! Whooohooo! So I'm still curious to know where the humming noise is coming from. Not sure if it's the generator or the starter button on the floor board. I checked with the original owner and he said the noise has always been there and is his indication that there is a spark to the engine. My documentation doesn't describe what this is so still need to figure it out... So the car will be in the parade tomorrow!!!
  7. ...now that I spelled the whole thing out, I now wondering if it's the connection to the ingnition coil thats not connecting...or maybe has a short... I guess I need to better understand what is (...or should be) making the 'humming' noise when in turn key...is it the generator, or something in the ingnition?
  8. Hey loyal DB folks, I have an old '26 DB Business Coupe that I promised I'd drive in the 4th of July Parade for the Cub Scouts... I can't get the car started using the key. For some reason when I put in the key and turn to the Right, (with the clutch and brake pressed), I don't hear the generator motor kick on (...that wonderful little humming noise). However, when I stepping on the starter button, the motor turns over vigourosly but the engine doesn't fire... Up to this time I've driven the car freely and it starts up the first time each time...even in the winter. At first I thought the battery didn't have enough charge so I charged the battery, lights come on, the starter turns the engine but not generator noise. I think something is wrong with the ingition switch and it's not making contact... as the Ammeter doesn't move when I turn the key, nor do I hear the generator. I think that if I could somehow bypass the starter switch, I should be able to get power to the Ammeter and thus to the generator. So my question is: if I took a lead and clipped it to a solid ground, and then clipped the other end to the negative post on the Ammeter, would that effectively bypass the switch and allow power to flow to the Ammeter and eventually the Generator...and let me drive the car as long as that connection is maintained? Not good enough with electricity to understand why the starter switch (on the floor) is getting power but not the Ammeter /Generator. I've added a diagram to describe what I want to do. I want to drive the car in the 4th of July Parade for the Cub Scouts but cannot get the darn thing started. Please let me know. Shawn
  9. I have a '26 DB Business Coupe... any photos of the 2-door, 3 window coupe? Always interested in advice on maintaining fluids, transmission, gear box, and other lubrication suggestions.... I also need to repair my emergency brake... the previous owner never used it for fear that he'd not be able to get it undone after it was set... Does it have anything about maintenance of the wooden spoked wheeles?...specifically relating to the wood pieces?
  10. Thanks for the follow-up... Great photos...what a collection of fenders!
  11. OK 1936 DR, how did this all turn out? Were you ready for the Sept. 17th show? Results?
  12. Dave you are such a wealth of information. Good information to know as I've begun the search for a 4-point switch...
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