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  1. Very Well said D-2 I enjoy my '36 Dodge B for what it was built to do. If I feel the need for a freeway drive, I take something else. For many, history is what it is all about. Preserving a time capsule in away. Sodomojo
  2. yup! that's why this forum is so darn helpful. We all make mistakes but at least this forum helps limit them.
  3. I purchased from Steele for my '36 the outside hinged front window gasket, part #40-0018-52 .812" and for the body inner seal gasket #70-1276-52 I made a mistake and purchased the one from Bernbaum and fiddled around with that for a week and found out it was too wide to close the window flush with the inner seal. They were expensive from Steele but they worked. If Restoration has exactly the same ones cheaper that would be nice. I learned the hard way until another forum member was nice enough to set me straight or I would be still taking that done windshield off to try to get it to work LOL
  4. Just in case you want to rebuild a radio: I met an older gentleman at a car show recently. He repairs old car radios and even the old floor standing tube radios. He asked me if my radio in my '55 custom royal worked and luckily it does. He said he has over 800 radios in his shop. If any one is interested, his name is: Johns Old Car Radio Repair. 1207 Pollock Ave Zilla, WA 98953 509.829.3918 Buy sell or trade also. He was a real nice guy and it seemed everyone at the car show know who he was.
  5. Wow! your '36 looks fantastic! Love to see more photos
  6. thank you 36 humpback. Five points is looking to see if they have any but I have not heard back yet. I know that I can make them and or have some one fabricate them but I was hoping to get some of the real stuff. thanks to everyone that responded. Sodomojo
  7. Yes, it is 3/8 fine thread rod. sorry I forgot to put that in earlier. thx
  8. Shock rods '36 D-2 It looks like my rear shock rod is about 9 1/2" long with the ends about 2"up to the outside edge of the collar / washer and about 5"-5 1/8' between the collar /washers. A little hard to tell that as the break was just on the inside of the collar / washer. My other rear shock rod has been bent. thx sodomojo
  9. Yes, PLy 33 that is the part I was talking about. The rod that connects the spring to the lever action shock. thank you for your help.
  10. I am looking for 2 rear shock struts for my '36 D-2. I have the rubber bushings for them but need to replace a bent and broken strut. I may be able to have them made at a machine shop but would rather have the real ones. Thanks for any suggestions. Sodomojo
  11. Hi mouchy764 Welcome to the site and congrats on your '36 find. I too, am a fairly new owner of my '36. Only since January. At first I glued myself to the forum and read everything I could find on the car including saving photos of almost every part and car displayed for future reference. I find the help from the forum members to be very valuable and well appreciated. I am not sure what I would have done without their help. I have learned allot but so much more to go. Good Luck on your car!
  12. My 1936 D-2 Touring had 56,200 original miles when I purchased it. I am sure those were pretty rough miles with the descriptions of road conditions in the other posts being very accurate for the time. Also, keep in mind that the warranty stated in my owners manual was 4,000 miles or 90 days. LOL but probably pretty good for the time. sodomojo
  13. Hi Paul, Welcome to being a new owner of a vintage piece of auto history. I am also fairly new to this as I just purchased my '36 in January. Since then I have tried to read almost every post on our year or close to it that I can find on the forum. It has really helped me to get to know the car as well as some excellent help from some members. Your photo looks great and appears to show what looks like a really good original stock car. Your are very lucky as so many have been rodded out. I hope you can appreciate how unique it is to have one that is stock. Good Luck with your project and we look forward to seeing your progress. Sodomojo
  14. Many of you may have already seen this 1936 dodge movie commerical (no tv and todays animation back them) Its about 10 minutes long with period acting in a story but the old D-2 is a survivor in the end and it's pretty funny. I laughed all the way. 1936 Dodge - YouTube