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  1. Just found these and don't know if they are for the 34 Dodge 4 door DR model. Can anyone tell me what they go on? Thanks, Mark
  2. Follow up question...there is s a plate on the drum that the wheel studs slide into. Can the drum itself and the plate be separated? Or are they welded together? I have had them sand blasted and it looks like there is a seem, but I am not sure and dont want to break anything. Thanks, Mark
  3. Thanks for the other options as well...that seems to be a very valid point.
  4. 1930....thank you very much!!! Its really clear. Since its the part numbers from 34, do you think shops can just cross ref the number? I've never tried to buy any parts for this car from a parts store yet, so I have no clue what to expect. Thanks again, Mark
  5. 1930...I don't know the "proper names" for each component, however, I am having them replace everything so it doesnt leak. I want to replace all the bearings and seals on the entire rearend. If you can help out...that would be great. I retrieved some part numbers earler from Hagan's Automotive site, but I have no way of knowing if they are correct. Any info you can offer would be great. Thanks everyone for your help!!!
  6. This is the list from Hagan's in WA. Does anyone know if this list might be accurate? 1934 Dodge Rear End Parts List.pdf
  7. Thanks Ply33...should I just take the old parts in and just try to cross ref them at Napa with the numbers you have? Thanks for the quick reply!
  8. Thought I would once again reach out to the experts and ask if anyone already has the part numbers for the seals and bearings for a rearend on a 34 Dodge Sedan DR Model? Dropped off the rearend this morning and the guy said he may need my help finding parts. This is the oldest one he's worked on thus far. Any help you guys can offer would be great. Thanks, Mark
  9. Bob...thanks for the info on SMS Auto Fabrics. They quoted me at approx $800 for the four panels. The can emboss the panels like the originals and put the mohair back on it.
  10. Thanks for the pics...that helps a bunch. Now I can see the the welds in the center are stock.
  11. That would be great to see what it looked like before all the welds. It also has a weld completely around it as well. Not sure what to think about that...I am guessing it worked fine, but have no way of knowing. Thanks
  12. To be honest..I dont know how that rear end is supposed to look. It appears to have a seam, but I have no idea how it went together. I suspect that is a crack and it will need to be hit with a stick or two. btw...that is quite the eagle eye.
  13. You can also call or go into the DMV and ask if the plates are clear. If they are, then you have to send in an application to Sacramento to use them on your vehicle. They also run a historical data on your vin for the vehicle as well. Be very careful purchasing plates, you named to make sure they are clear or you will get burned rather quickly. Good luck
  14. That seems to be the consensus with my friends. I am thinking of grinding them down so the rear end looks uniform. Thanks 1930
  15. I will check it out...thanks for the quick response. Cheers
  16. Here is a picture showing the weld on the seam of the rear end. I am not sure if I should try to locate a replacement or just run with this rear end. Can anyone share some pro's and con's? Trying to field advice from those of you who have "been there and done that" so to speak. Cheers
  17. Amazing story on the car...congrats!!!
  18. I have all the old ones but they are in bad shape. The issue is that they are unique in the sense that they have a design embossed on all four. Has anyone had them made by chance or any alternatives out there? Car: 1934 Dodge DR Model 4 Door
  19. All, The drum puller that is shown in the post from "ply33" was the exact type I ordered. It worked like a champ! Thanks to everyone for the input and insight. Cheers
  20. Oops...sorry. Yes it is a 1934 four door DR model. I am assuming the driver had a "Bonnie and Clyde" moment and hit something on the front side of the rear end.
  21. Does anyone have any good pictures of the rear end from all perspectives? The one under my vehicle has some welding on it and I am not sure if some welds were factory and some were done at a later date. I am not sure at this point if I can use the rear end or if I will have to replace it. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks and happy holidays to all, Mark
  22. well...I went into your profile and looked at your photo album and I can see you pictures now. Sorry about that...thanks again.
  23. thanks...but for some reason I cant view the page. It states I dont have permission.
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