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  1. Forgot to mention...not letting go of the headlights. They are 90% of the reason I bought the car. Good luck to all!
  2. Dodge Brother, I picked up a 34 for parts and once I get the few parts I need, the rest of the vehicle will be available as a parts car or in whole. If any of you are looking for certain items, let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out. I will be bringing the car back to California later next week. Cheers, Mark
  3. You can't really see everything from the pictures I posted earlier, but it's all pretty much metal under neath the rear seat of my vehicle. There is a hole in the center with cloth and it looks like it was there for the top of the rear end to have clearance. I don't recall any other openings back there.
  4. Just read your last post. To be honest, I don't believe I had any holes in my there. I will have to take a look again. I can also look what is under there and see if there is anything that might stick out that would have bolted it that place. Wish I had a better answer for you. I will see what I can find out tomorrow. Regards, Mark
  5. I will take some pics tomorrow. I don't recall much being under that passenger side. Not exactly sure I would not even recognize anything. We will see.
  6. I've since stripped all that stuff out. I can pull the tarp off and take some pics of that area if you like. I have no idea what a tool tray would look like. Lol
  7. Sorry 1930...I'm using the app on my iPhone so I'm not sure which pic your referring too. Is it the one with the seat still in the car? Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Don't know anything about a tool tray. I am assuming the box underneath is for the battery. I'm still learning...but I have managed to capture a lot of pics along the way.
  9. Ian, I believe I took plenty of pics of mine when I pulled it apart. There was also a hole for the emergency brake adjustment. I'll check to see if I have any of the pics on my phone. Mark
  10. I see...that makes sense. Second question, anyone know a company that make a set just like the originals? I want to make sure it looks completely original and not like a pick-a-part vehicle. Thanks for the advice.
  11. That's pretty interesting. I'm new to this car since late last year and never had an interest in Dodge until I picked this car up. I'm loving the fact that I'm able to learn so much from everyone in the forum. I actually felt bad pulling those brackets off, I didn't want to damage them, instead I would like to put them back the way I found them. Unfortunately, one side has a broken spring I need to find and replace. The car had a bit of a lean and I thought the frame might have been damaged, however, after inspecting it, seems to be just fine. I've been really lucky thus far.
  12. Hey 1930...just read your message about a pic. Here is what they look like off of the springs. As a side note, they were wrapped with some type of material inside and a lot of grease. Interestingly enough...the portion of the springs that were inside these covers look brand new.
  13. Thanks for the advice Pete! I agree, it looks like a hell of a knuckle buster project indeed. Thanks again for taking the time. Cheers
  14. Anyone out there have any advice on taking the sleeves/wraps that go around the leaf springs? I don't want to bend them or damage them in any way while trying to take them off. It appears that the edges are crimped, but I don't want to make a mistake. Thanks, Mark
  15. Brilliant!!!! You've made it, for the most part, "dummy proof" and that is great thing. I've had little to no experience with metal/body work. Learned a little in High School, however, that was over two decades ago. I was thinking of finding something soft like brass. It didn't occur to me to use wooden dowels. I can easily sand them into the proper shape. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post all that information. I'll let you know my progress and post some pictures along the way. Mark
  16. Nothing wrong with a little "How To" lesson.
  17. Thanks 1930...i'ld like to hear what you have to say. I am always trying to anything myself, if I can learn something new...that would be great! Thanks again. Mark
  18. I have come to realize that these come apart. Does anyone have a contact on who will repair the skin? Someone that is good at metal work obviously. These have a few dings. This is my worst cap. Thanks
  19. It's not likely I will see him again...but you never know. He may be at the next auto swap meet.
  20. I'm not sure. The guy had a booth at the auto swap meet in Turlock. It is going on yesterday and today. The seller just had a lot of random old parts for sale, not a business.
  21. Ian has been really helpful and has offered several times to provide pictures as well. This is a great network that has saved me many head aches along the way.
  22. Thanks for writing back...I was just heading back to find the guy. The swap auto swap meet is 80 miles from my house and I'm not even sure the guy will be there. You guys just save $50 in gas already. If you guys have any advice on finding a pair...my ears are open. I managed to link up with a Northern California Dodge Brothers Club and meet some nice folks yesterday. They shared some great resources.
  23. He offered them up for $150. I probably could have talked him down quite a bit. He didn't know what he had and just wanted to get rid of them. I just had no clue what the correct ones looked like. I'm ready to stand in line before the firing squad. I'm brining the wifey with me since she talked me out of buying them. Urrg!!!!
  24. Bob...are you saying those lights are for a 34 Dodge? I saw them at an auto swap meet today, but I didn't want to buy them if they were the wrong ones. These lights seem to have a ridge that ran down the top of them. I'm ready to shoot myself in the foot for not just buying them.
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