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  1. Got you message. I work out of town, so when I get back I have to look at the car to tell you what's still in good shape. For instance, the molding over the front dash is present but not worth salvaging. Really rusted.

    Sorry for the delays, I just don't get to spend a great deal of time at home. Also, the car is at my cousins place due to me not having enough room at my house.


  2. Haha. I finally had a chance to take some leave. The Army life is great, however, never enough time for my toys.

    Got my frame out of the powder coating shop, came out splendid. Now I'm in a quandary on what to do about the bolts. I purchased some new grade 5 bolts but I don't like the look of them. I want to use the old bolts since they are original. I just don't know if I should have the old bolts zinc coated or a darker coat similar to a gun. I have no idea how they looked when they were original. Do you by chance have any idea how they came factory?




  3. All...My apologies for falling off the net. I have been traveling quite extensively. I have one more week and I will have two weeks of leave to mess with the car. I will start answering your questions whether I have what you are looking for off the 34. Once again, I apologize and will be able to take some pics of the parts you are interested in and you can let me know then if you would require them. Cheers Mark

  4. Sorry...I drove the car back from Louisiana and was only home two days and now I'm in Alaska until the 22nd. Not ignoring any of you, I just travel quite extensively and haven't had an opportunity to start pulling parts off.

    I don't want to promise anyone any parts until I'm sure that I have them and they are in a descent amount of shape to be used.



  5. Ian...you are correct, the hurricane picked her up and drooped her pretty hard. Just got the car back home to California. Dragging her clear across the country was no fun. Had to buy a car trailer in Texas and I pulled her home about 2200 miles. The main reason I picked up the car was for the headlights and horns. I really didn't need any other parts to be honest. I have everything complete for mine now. At least I hope so...I will start pulling off some pieces soon to start parting it out to try and recoup some of what I spent.


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