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  1. When the California Highway Patrol inspected my 31 they were not impressed with the nailed on PA serial tag but I showed them a plate that the previous owner had riveted to the frame with the same number. They passed it with no problems. Dave
  2. Chevrolet car sales were strong for the new six and remained so for Chevrolet until late in 1931. I think the researchers also though that Chevrolet sent one to each dealer for a traffic builder which would help the number. Dave
  3. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have never heard of James Hoade but you should let the editor know so he is not being recommended to anyone else. One other place to try is where I bought mine for the 31. They bought a large quantity of parts, mostly Packard, and have sold them here and on ebay. Might be a 32 Buick part in there? Rick Lyon 518-637-1560. Dave ps You might try putting a wanted add in the Buick section below, may get other leads if nothing else.
  4. The current estimate by those doing the research is 15,000 +. I think they have accounted for at least a 100 or so survivors. The theory is the 294/300 number came from just the Flint plant and a shorter than actual production period. Cars from almost all plants have been found. Dave
  5. I found someone with 32 risers when I was looking for one for a 31. I think it was Mac Blair 724-463-3372 , my apologizes if my memory is not accurate! Dave
  6. Did it still smell like linseed oil and turpentine ? My friends Handyman was a painters car and it always smelled of those.
  7. It has been modified some but it does look like it started as one. If you google 1955 Chevrolet Handyman many come up along with some original Chevrolet ads. Its a nice car however it started. Thanks for posting the picture. Dave added link https://55classicchevy.com/1955-chevrolet-station-wagons
  8. I think they called the pictured wagon a Handyman. http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/chevrolet_usa/full-size_chevrolet_4gen/full-size_210_2gen_handyman_wagon/1955.html Dave
  9. I checked my car and the switch is actually mounted on the vertical part of the frame under the sill, not on the sill. It attaches with two 1/4 inch bolts. Same spot near the left rear corner of the floorboard opening so the operation of the brake cross shaft moves the switch. So much for going by memory! Dave
  10. It may not be the same but on a 31 it works off the brake cross shaft and can be found on the left sill when you remove the floor board. Dave
  11. I have this one saved , has yours replaced it? http://www.prewarbuick.com/links.php Dave
  12. Thanks for sharing, very nice pictures! Dave
  13. I think 61polara has posted good advice above. Is the executor of the estate available to make those requests? Dave
  14. Found the root cause of the leak, the last guy damaged the gasket putting it together. I re-read the advice since I am getting ready to put it back together. The advice on using Olson's gaskets was excellent. They are very knowledgeable and seem to really want to help their customers. Dave
  15. Don, More condition details , pictures, price, and location will help your cause. Nice looking car! Dave
  16. California Car Covers would be a good place to call with your questions. I have used many of their covers and have been satisfied. I think, based on your questions, vermontboy has the answer. Dave
  17. Nothing like those on my 31 Cabriolet. Dave
  18. How wide is your rumble seat bottom? Any pictures as to the condition? Thanks Dave
  19. Where are you Louie? I have a 31 head near Atlanta, GA Dave
  20. I used a core plug (freeze plug) to block off the tube to the heat riser,. The tubes I replaced inside the riser were replaced with McMaster-Carr stainless tubing. It was slightly too large but the machine shop was not concerned and did a great job in making the swap. No cracks so far, the old heat riser with the factory tubes was cracked extensively so I am not sure on the stainless being a problem. There were several discussions on this topic on this forum that were helpful. Dave
  21. Bob, I did plug the heat riser tube when I replaced the riser and tubes inside. It made a real difference in the way it runs in this hot weather. It is such a wonderful car to drive I may be running it too much! Hugh, I like the brass nut idea I am not sure on the stainless studs. One stud (the one with a flat washer) has been replaced since it looks like 7/16. The others are 3/8. It is important to me to have it run good and be dependable but it is an unrestored original 45,000 mile car so I hate to put a lot of shiny new parts on the engine. Thanks again Dave
  22. Thanks for the advice and good suggestions. I will gather parts, start soaking with PB Blaster, and give it a go. thanks again Dave
  23. No the flat one is on number 8 and the leak looks like the front side of 6. Dave
  24. Mark, Thanks for the reply. Yes it looks like all of the curved washers are there, maybe one looks flat but it could be me. Dave
  25. I may have misunderstood but I would not do any adjusting until all bolts are in place and snug since adding the bolt may change things. On my 31 Chevrolet I was able to loosen the bolt and use a large pry bar to get just enough clearance for the shim. Might be to crude for a Buick! Dave