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  1. AC superseded 46 by R46/R45 so I would not be worried about the plug. Why aren't you running solid wire? Dave
  2. Not Mine Located in Soperton, GA which is southeast of Macon. Here is the ad copy from facebook market place; You can contact the owner at nine one two -245-2222, his name is Franklin Quinn Mullis. There are more pictures on facebook that you may be able to pull up or give him a call I am sure he can send more. 1928 Buick Master Sedan $15,500 Now $13,950 Soperton, GA I purchased this rare vehicle just about two years ago with the intention to restore. When purchased, the engine started a ran. Over the last year, the interior seats, doors panels, and roof were reupholstered and sealed. I have lost interest and decided to let someone else have his rare vehicle to completely restore. The only restoration left is to have the carburetor rebuilt, from sitting almost two years, and have new tires installed. If this is something you are up for, Message me. FYI, this isn’t an opportunity for you to trade. I’m pretty sure I don’t need anything that i can’t purchase myself. However, this is an opportunity to purchase a rare 91 year old vehicle that is in really good shape. Has bullet hole in original rear window and deflection in the roof panel.
  3. There was some consolidation done many years ago and the individual bearing components were sold as sets. My parts history shows the first two numbers mentioned above being superseded by 909026, no mention of the third number. It would be worth a try to see if 909026 was indeed the whole bearing that you need. Locatebearings has been very helpful in getting original NDH bearings. The aftermarket companies may also list a set but it would be their part number, only a guess but something like B26. Dave
  4. It is my understanding that Chevrolet did not start stamping the serial number on the frame until much later. I believe it was with the Corvette to start with. It has been discussed many times on the VCCA site but I could not bring up the posts in a search. Why don't you ask there and see what they say. https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forum_summary.html Dave
  5. Ken, It would help to know where you are to point you to someone local if possible. Dave
  6. What is the name and location of the shop you found? Thanks Dave
  7. Yes the heat riser is still available. I would replace the tube. I am overcome by Christmas sprit so $100 including shipping. Thanks Please send me a pm if you want it. Dave
  8. A picture of my dad's # 89 race car at his service station in Manhasset, NY. I just noticed an interesting convertible just behind it, any ideas on what that may be? He kept racing until my mom gave him the choice of racing or her, it worked out okay. Dave
  9. Does your manual spell out how to polarize the generator and has it been done? Maybe you don't have to on a ford system. Dave
  10. I have one. I would think a small rate box shipping would do. Send me a pm on what you think is a fair price. Dave
  11. The casting number on the one I have is 146-71.
  12. Why replace when you can repair with homemade washers and bolts as done by my cars previous owner.
  13. Would you be able to provide the casting number on the old one? Dave
  14. Looks similar to Grumpy Jenkins drag Vega. Dave
  15. There is a lot of Chevrolet and 216 expertise on this site https://vccachat.org/. Dave
  16. I will send you a pm with his contact info. He does sell them on ebay but would be happy to sell you direct. Dave
  17. They are very different on my 31 Chevrolet Cabriolet. Much shorter at the top. I think I got new ones from a friend that was reproducing them. I can see if he has more if your interested. Dave
  18. Not a lot of color, trying to scare the spiders out of the old roadster.
  19. Most of my old AC catalogs show 44 or R44 but one does show " or R44S extended tip" . You didn't say what number was in it but going up one heat range to the currently available R45 might be worth a try. You should also be able to find R44S on ebay if you watch for them. Years ago the extended tip was considered by many has half a heat range hotter. Dave
  20. SBlomquist, What company is selling the coil you described? Thanks Dave
  21. Dave39MD


    My info shows 52 - 54 Chevrolet cars and trucks. Superseded by AC 4149 which also references Case and Sheppard Diesel. Dave
  22. The flip cap oiler is on the bearing it self. I am holding it open in the picture below. The early throw out bearings had replaceable carbon and the ones like that in my stock have no oiler. I suppose those were the type to put in oil but I don't know. Does the squealing last for just a second or continue all the time the clutch is in? Was it making noise before, why did you replace? Dave
  23. Was it making noise before replacing the throw out bearing? If it is a nos bearing (not a ball bearing type) I have been told it is good to apply oil in the flip cap for a period of time so it gets to the bearing material. Some say to soak it in oil but I have not tried that. It seems to me if the clutch is pushed in the pilot bearing is being used not the throw out bearing but I may not be thinking it through. Dave
  24. I hate to suggest something which you probably have done but have you polarized the system after taking the gen off each time? Dave
  25. If 595904 is the part number for the nut you need, I have quite a few nos. Send me a pm if you are interested. Dave Looks like some may be nors, notice the shoulder is 90 on some and rounded on others. Let me know which matches yours.