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  1. I guess you never found the parts you were selling? Dave
  2. 2006 Chevy Duramax with Allison tranny. Pulls great and with 242,000 still going strong. Dave
  3. Can you send a photo of your seats to doc81709@yahoo.com? 30 - 31 wheels are 19 inch while 32 are 18 inch. Dave
  4. One more, I was cleaning out the trunk of my 39 Chevy and I found the original cable I took off many years ago. It is marked GM. Dave
  5. They really did not have what is now known as a vin. The serial number plate was usually located on the passenger side sill slightly in front of the seat. They are often lost but many vehicles were registered / titled by the engine number. You should see a raised boss with numbers stamped into it on the fuel pump side of the engine. Depending on the year of the motor in your car it should be near the fuel pump or distributor. Dave
  6. There should be a casting number on the back side, sometimes hard to find. Indented rather than protruding. Dave
  7. I have a 146-71 heat riser that is suppose to be a 1930. Let me know .$100 including shipping. Dave
  8. Looks like two responses , the one from Alex I did not see. Alex, if you still want it I still have it. Somorgujo I need to wait on Alex for a few days I will let you. Sorry for the delay. Dave
  9. Interesting, mine want to close and must be held open when the stat is not working. Dave
  10. C87 is the current plug number and the filling station has them. Why not call them up and swap them out? Dave
  11. It looks just like the one in my 39, I have no idea on what a 40 looks like. Dave
  12. If keiser's suggestion doesn't do it I would try an office supply store and look at their clear brief covers that come in many colors.
  13. The ground strap on my 31 Chevy has a bow tie logo on the terminal. Oddly it is on the bottom when the strap was installed. Dave
  14. I would ask on the VCCA site just to be sure of what was going on in 57. Dave
  15. Sorry I wasn't clear. For example when my Cabriolet (1931) was made all Cabriolet bodies were made in the Cleveland Fisher body plant then shipped to the other assembly plants. I am suggesting if the op has a low volume body it is possible they were not made near the assembly plant. This has been discussed on the VCCA site but I don't remember if it went to 57. Of course the op could have a high volume body and that would be something else.
  16. Is it a convertible? Some low volume bodies where produced in Fisher plants not in the vicinity of the assembly plant. Dave I would ask on this site if you don't get an answer here; https://vccachat.org/
  17. Using a tape measure and not putting it on the lift I got a radius rod length of 18 1/4 The mounting measurements at front frame top to center of bolt 1 1/2, and 2" at the rear measuring from between the brake backing plate and the u bolt. Next time on the lift I can get more precise measurements but it may be a little while. Dave
  18. I had a Black 63 that I wanted to do the same thing. I found a 63 in a junk yard outside of Charlotte that was an aire car. I visited it many times and finally decided it was just to much work for my skills and ability. If you really wanted to add air a parts car with air would be the way to go. The yard had nothing but interesting 1950-1970 cars and was on the road to Denver, NC if my questionable memory is correct. This was in 1978 so it is probably long gone. Dave
  19. AC superseded 46 by R46/R45 so I would not be worried about the plug. Why aren't you running solid wire? Dave
  20. Not Mine Located in Soperton, GA which is southeast of Macon. Here is the ad copy from facebook market place; You can contact the owner at nine one two -245-2222, his name is Franklin Quinn Mullis. There are more pictures on facebook that you may be able to pull up or give him a call I am sure he can send more. 1928 Buick Master Sedan $15,500 Now $13,950 Soperton, GA I purchased this rare vehicle just about two years ago with the intention to restore. When purchased, the engine started a ran. Over the last year, the interior seats, doors panels, and roof were reupholstered and sealed. I have lost interest and decided to let someone else have his rare vehicle to completely restore. The only restoration left is to have the carburetor rebuilt, from sitting almost two years, and have new tires installed. If this is something you are up for, Message me. FYI, this isn’t an opportunity for you to trade. I’m pretty sure I don’t need anything that i can’t purchase myself. However, this is an opportunity to purchase a rare 91 year old vehicle that is in really good shape. Has bullet hole in original rear window and deflection in the roof panel.
  21. There was some consolidation done many years ago and the individual bearing components were sold as sets. My parts history shows the first two numbers mentioned above being superseded by 909026, no mention of the third number. It would be worth a try to see if 909026 was indeed the whole bearing that you need. Locatebearings has been very helpful in getting original NDH bearings. The aftermarket companies may also list a set but it would be their part number, only a guess but something like B26. Dave
  22. It is my understanding that Chevrolet did not start stamping the serial number on the frame until much later. I believe it was with the Corvette to start with. It has been discussed many times on the VCCA site but I could not bring up the posts in a search. Why don't you ask there and see what they say. https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forum_summary.html Dave
  23. Ken, It would help to know where you are to point you to someone local if possible. Dave