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  1. The S on the AC plug is an extended tip. The 5 is the heat range. If you think the 45s are too hot you could try a plug like AC R44 which would be 1+ heat range colder. ACDelco does not make many of the heat range selections they use to so you would have to find them nos. Dave
  2. Matt, Like the others I am glad you have started this again. I was learning a lot from the other posts you made and that continues with the new thread. Good luck and thanks Dave
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    High idle

    I can't help but there is a Reatta forum down in the Buick section you might try asking there if you don't get any response here. Glad you are doing better! Dave
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    Mice repellent

    If you can get use to seeing barn snakes they seem more motivated than my cats. The King snake is preferred to all others. Dave
  5. You are probably right, it was a massive open car but most cars are big to a ten year old. Thanks Dave
  6. When growing up in the outskirts of Detroit in the 60's a neighbor had a few very interesting Cadillac's. One was a large pre war open car which they described as an FDR parade car. Seems the last name of the owner was Barthet. Do you think it was an FDR car and is it still around? Thanks Dave
  7. I can't help but there are many 29 owners on the VCCA site. I looked through the parts book and don't see any special clips or locks but I would not want you to break anything. Ask here and see if there is something besides force you need to do; https://vccachat.org/ Dave
  8. Matt, Thanks for the information, hopefully the new owner can get it sorted so they can enjoy it. Dave
  9. Matt, It looks good to me but you must be talking past the skin deep part. Then again I bought a 40 Coupe out of a junk yard in high school and have always wanted to give it another try. Dave
  10. Not sure if these were in the CCCA or another part, I can email them if you want to use ;
  11. Taken about 43 years ago, at least the car still looks about the same;
  12. If your engine is stuck, follow the good advice above and also take the valve cover off and spray penetrant around each valve. Then take a light hammer and gently test each valve for movement. A stuck valve from sitting will bend your push rods. Not the end of the world but you may be able to prevent it. To replace the oil pan gasket make 4 studs by cutting of the heads of 1/4 20 bolts so you have studs. Be sure to clean the surfaces very well. The night before wrap the small end gaskets around a coke can so they preform a circular shape. Put the studs in to hold the gasket lined up and use grease to hold the gasket on the block. Put the end pieces on and some use a small dab of sealant where they meet the long side gaskets. Put the pan on and once secure remove the studs. A few of the pan screws maybe different sizes so remember which hole they go in. The 39 did not have a rear main seal only a slinger. (most of the above copied from the VCCA site) When you go to see your car take a picture of the engine number and body tags and we can provide more info. Dave
  13. You can get reprints of good quality owners and service manuals along with the Chevrolet Service News (order 38 and 39)here; https://www.fillingstation.com/ If original to the car your 39 should have a 216 as mentioned above. Depending on how it was put away you should inspect the brakes and fuel systems. After any long time sitting the wheel and master cylinders will need to be cleaned up, honed and new rubber cups. I have also had to put a couple of sets of brake hoses on mine over the years. The fuel system will need to be cleaned and checked from the tank to the carb. I would plan on a fuel pump and carb rebuild kits at a minimum. Dropping the pan as mentioned above is good advice and the vcca forum link has the proper way to reinstall the pan gasket if you need help. GM Heritage link; https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Chevrolet/1939-Chevrolet.pdf
  14. Kylan, Nice car! I have been the caretaker for my grandfathers 39 Chevy for almost 50 years and it has been a lot of fun. One organization I wish I found sooner is the Vintage Chevrolet Club https://vccachat.org/ lots of good help on parts and service. I would research the grade of oil to be used. Many, myself included , feel a 10w-30 is better in the splash system used in your 39. Good luck and enjoy! Dave
  15. I found these in a 31 Chevy Cabriolet door. My guess is that by 1937 the window was rattling and these were an attempt to stop it. Dave
  16. I wonder if you could use some combination of wet towels and then steam to soften the latex paint (if that is what it is)?
  17. It looks like you are looking for DE housing part number 1860492. I don't have one but you might search e bay. It has been NLA from Delco for at least 40 years. Dave
  18. It is fantastic your daughter is interested in your great car. I have been thinking along the same lines but narrowed down to starting instructions. You have made me think expanding to a written record of starting, driving, storing, maintenance, thinks to watch for, history of the car , and why it is special might be a good start. Maybe a record of what I have done and where the spare parts are hiding would also be helpful. I wish you the best. Dave
  19. My 1968 AC pump catalog shows the same part number, on the 6, from 1940 to 1950. It looks like you have Carter pumps pictured , can you get a kit for the pump on your vehicle? I use Then and Now for fuel pumps and parts. Dave http://www.then-now-auto.com/
  20. This one may be over kill but I am going to try it .At 300A continuous , 2000A intermittent it should handle 6 v. It is heavy, feels close to a pound. Cole-Hersee 75908-BX Dave
  21. My Grandfather used the 21 Dodge as a tractor and powered his saw mill with the rear drivers side wheel. The 39 is still in the same condition as it is in the photo taken about 1951 and used often . Dave
  22. The NCRS has detailed information and judging manuals. Since you are going to restore to their standards that is where I would go. https://www.ncrs.org/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=65_34&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIivSsuKSF5gIVrSCtBh1MvArKEAAYASAAEgIRz_D_BwE
  23. Kids love them and I can see the advantages of dating. My mother rode in one from Long Island to Estes Park in 1934 she was 20. Wish I could ask her about that adventure.
  24. My 31 66s does not make that knocking sound but many of the other sounds are familiar. My oil pressure is a little higher on the gauge, 30 at idle and about 40 going down the road. Are you running the original fan bearing with the oil and pump inside? Dave