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  1. I can feel a little play in the fan hub and I can't find any details in repairing it in the manual. I did notice the gear in Bob's catalog. Is the gear the usual suspect on taking the play out? Any other parts I should source?

    Thanks and any advice on making this repair is appreciated.


  2. As Bernie said they were excellent shocks. They even had a Genetron "sp" gas bag inside that expanded when hot... They went with the Big D in about 76 and many other brands after that. The Pleasurizer was the best and much better than the Monroe or Gabriel of the period.


    I would not be afraid to use them but the Genetron may not expand like it use to

  3. New price, better description;


    2013 Aluminum box with a steel frame car hauler made by RC Trailer. 8.5 by 26 enclosed with twin 5,200 lb torsion axles. Frame supports on 16" centers. 82.5 inches between the low wheel humps.
    50 amp electric service, 5,000 lb winch, .030 outside skin. Comes with new weight distributing hitch with anti sway. Many more pictures available.




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