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  1. John, Thanks for the advice. It's too late I found the kits for the small wipers at the Ford supplier Snyder's. I am going to give it a shot. Curti,  I have heard bad things about plating them. I am going to try buffing or perhaps some type of paint. I had some of the small metal covers plated without issue.





  2. I went to the shop and smelled my bottle of fluid and it has no distinct odor. A gentlemen on the Buick forum gave me the liquid, it is very old Sun Electric manometer fluid.

    It may be your liquid? You might try calling another source like Bob's Buick parts and ask?




    Here is another source I just thought of http://www.classicandexotic.com/store/c-85-king-seeley-hobson-fuel-gauge.aspx

  3. Years ago Delco offered new plates and parts and the battery case could be reused.


    In recent history many times the "rebuilt" battery is one that was not really bad but ended up as a core or warranty. Once charged, tested, and cleaned up it became "rebuilt".


    I am very skeptical on the EZ claims, but I have  not seen the information, as all these type fixes in the past have proven very short term or of no value.


    It sounds like your friend needs new batteries if all the connections are clean and tight.





  4. Heart of Georgia VCCA 9th annual charity swap meet. Open to all cars and parts.
    Swap or corral - $25
    Pull Through - $40
    Covered spots 1st come, 1st serve
    General admission $5, kids under 12 free
    February 17, 2018
    8 am - 3pm
    JR Miller Park
    2245 Callaway Rd SW
    Marietta, GA 30008
    Vendor gate on Al Bishop Road, opens at 7 am.
    Registration; Call Lewis Cown 678-313-88nine seven

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  5. 1522995 was a Dodge/Chrysler family pump, 36-41, so the top cover might be a later part number for that pump. As you know the early top covers were very fragile and many were replace with what was at hand. If I find something I will let you know.



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