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  1. Did anyone take over Joe's 31 parts business and if so what is the contact info. Thanks Dave
  2. Send me a PM with your address and payment terms. Do you have one with Buick script? Dave
  3. Could not edit in time. The diameter measurement is 1 3/8. If the shoulder is 1 3/8 it would work as well.
  4. Yes that is very similar except for the shoulder right below the cap. Is the distance between the bottom of the shoulder and the top of the locking ears 3/8" and the diameter of the bottom screwed on cap 1 7/8" ? If so it may work. Thanks for the help. Dave
  5. Someone must have lost the key and tried driving a screw driver through the lock cylinder. The key cylinder and die cast lock are ruined. The part I need is 5/8" deep and 1 3/8" in diameter. Thanks Dave
  6. As Bernie said they were excellent shocks. They even had a Genetron "sp" gas bag inside that expanded when hot... They went with the Big D in about 76 and many other brands after that. The Pleasurizer was the best and much better than the Monroe or Gabriel of the period. I would not be afraid to use them but the Genetron may not expand like it use to
  7. The top one is a 31 Chevrolet Cabriolet. Looks like the fold down windshield has been removed for more speed.
  8. The uy6 crosses to AC plug M8, and that is what my old AC book shows for that application. M8 as far as I can remember was not a resistor plug.
  9. What is the tag/part number of the distributor you need?
  10. 2491s crosses to AC 588 which shows to fit various Chrysler Corp. products 38-54.
  11. Marty, Answers sent via a private message. Thanks
  12. New price $6,900 http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5496583122.html
  13. Try the GMHeritagecenter.com site. They have free information kits by year and may have the info you are looking for.
  14. New price $7,500. Also, some questions on door opening in rear, it is slightly more than 74". Dave
  15. New price $7,900. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5407987676.html
  16. I would ask the question on the vcca.org forum. Lots of good info on all Chevrolets. http://vcca.org/forum
  17. New price, better description; 2013 Aluminum box with a steel frame car hauler made by RC Trailer. 8.5 by 26 enclosed with twin 5,200 lb torsion axles. Frame supports on 16" centers. 82.5 inches between the low wheel humps. 50 amp electric service, 5,000 lb winch, .030 outside skin. Comes with new weight distributing hitch with anti sway. Many more pictures available. $8900.00 http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5407987676.html
  18. I am not sure what he was planning on doing with the 50 amp service but the passing of his wife changed his plans. It is there if someone needs it. thanks Dave Larry, thanks for the updated listing.
  19. New, new price - $9,900. This trailer was over $20K when purchased by the original owner in 2013 and has been used very little since. Thanks Dave
  20. No, I changed it in the ad as well. It was $12,000 Thanks for looking and the heads up
  21. Tparts, Are all the parts for the windshield there? In good shape as far as cracks or missing pieces? Pitting? Thanks Dave
  22. Nice 2013 aluminum RC 26 foot enclosed trailer. Beavertail rear end makes loading easy. Twin 5200 lb axles with electric brakes. Comes with 50 amp service, 12v lights, side door and 5000 lb winch. New weight distributing hitch and anti sway included. Payload 5,500lbs. Many pictures available, email@ doc81709yahoo or pm on this site with your email and I can forward pictures. Phone 770-557-two seven 44. Price $10,500, located in the Atlanta area. Pictures at https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5350644604.html Thanks Dave