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  1. Has anyone had trouble installing the new felt's from Bob's , part number WS 296? They match the Buick catalog measurements on OD but the ID seems to be 1/16 to small and the thickness is 1/16 to thick. You would not think it makes much of a difference but I am having a real hard time putting the wheel back on.


    Any tips for this job it seems the manuals I have presume I know how to do this.





  2. These can be frustrating if you have not done anything to it since it was running only a few days ago. Make sure you are getting spark at the spark plugs not just at the points. With the starting fluid test it would be hard to say it is fuel related.

    Good luck




  3. Well I found a crack free heat riser and had new tubes installed. Put it on and it runs great. One difference I noticed was the gasket from Bob's that goes between the riser and the carb was much thicker than the paper thin gasket on the old one.  The new gasket may help with heat transfer and vapor lock problems? The riser I took off was welded and brazed in many places and it looked like the tubes were beginning to fail and patched with something by one of the po's.

    Thanks for the help.


  4. Phillip, It has been asked and answered many times. Start with what you have and put some miles on it and see how it does. If you have carb problems changing plugs won't help. If everything else is right and you feel the R45's are too cold and fouling out go one higher to R46 or 46 if you can find them and see how they do. You can post some pictures of the plugs after some road trips and let us have a look.


    The 48 plugs will be difficult to find and I would not run them today.



  5. To answer your specific question AC 48 is the cataloged plug for a 47. I will attach Buick information below but AC info confirms the application. It is a very hot plug which suggests to me some fouling tendencies which may or may not be present in your engine. Selecting a "correct" plug for your engine is more art than science as suggested in the many responses above and in other threads. When I started selling plugs for AC we were trained to train the techs of the time to read the plugs and select the right heat range based on the customers driving style. Usually up or down a heat range from the manufactures spec was reasonable. A little old lady taking her Roadmaster out once a week and not getting it hot would need a different plug than a salesman traveling from LA to Phoenix.


    As stated by many the non resistor plugs and most resistor heat ranges are not being manufactured so if you want a 48 , you will need to search ebay and other nos sources.


    How will you be driving your car?



    Straight 8 plugs.jpg

  6. Why don't you try running the R45 ACDelco plugs and see how they do since you already own them.  Many times the plug companies have had to consolidate part numbers, heat ranges, and extended tips designs to keep an offering available.  After running them you can always pull one to see how they are doing and most old spark plug catalogs explain how to diagnose the color and condition.


    I have used the newer R45's in many different vehicles and have found they are just fine.






  7. Don, that makes sense but I did find this in an old AC book. I don't see how that the dome can increase capacity but that is what AC claimed at the time. philipj , some pumps have the dome cast into the housing and some can unscrew. If yours unscrews you could move it from the old pump to the new.





    pump parts breakdown.jpg

  8. I don't recognize the wire color but Y n Z does use the little white tags with numbers. They correspond to their instruction sheet. It is possible other wire harness suppliers do as well but I have only used Y N Z. You might call them and  ask for a copy of the instructions.  They have helped me in the past with a similar situation.



  9. Looks like AC superseded the p-127 by p-115 in the late eighties. It is slightly larger od of 5.5" and p115 still shows as a good number in the ACDelco system .Should be easier to cross or find. The Baldwin mentioned above is a good filter.



  10. philipj,


    In reading some posts on Autolite plugs it looks like they moved production from Mexico to China sometime ago. The older application ACDelco plugs, like R45, were made by Autolite. So your China plugs maybe current production. It could  have taken years to run out of the Mexican inventory at ACDelco. Pictures of the box and plugs would help if it matters to you.



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