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  1. Most of my old AC catalogs show 44 or R44 but one does show " or R44S extended tip" . You didn't say what number was in it but going up one heat range to the currently available R45 might be worth a try. You should also be able to find R44S on ebay if you watch for them. Years ago the extended tip was considered by many has half a heat range hotter.



  2. The flip cap oiler is on the bearing it self. I am holding it open in the picture below. The early throw out bearings had replaceable carbon and the ones like that in my stock have no oiler. I suppose those were the type to put in oil but I don't know.


    Does the squealing last for just a second or continue all the time the clutch is in?


    Was it making noise before, why did you replace?



    clutch bearing.jpg

  3. Was it making noise before replacing the throw out bearing? If it is a nos bearing (not a ball bearing type) I have been told it is good to apply oil in the flip cap for a period of time so it gets to the bearing material. Some say to soak it in oil but I have not tried that.


    It seems to me if the clutch is pushed in the pilot bearing is being used not the throw out bearing but I may not be thinking it through.



  4. Chevrolet car sales were strong for the new six and remained so for Chevrolet until late in 1931. I think the researchers also though that Chevrolet sent one to each dealer for a traffic builder which would help the number.



  5. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have never heard of James Hoade but you should let the editor know so he is not being recommended  to anyone else.


    One other place to try is where I bought mine for the 31. They bought a large quantity of parts, mostly Packard, and have sold them here and on ebay. Might be a 32 Buick part in there?


    Rick Lyon 518-637-1560.




    ps You might try putting a wanted add in the Buick section below, may get other leads if nothing else.

  6. The current estimate by those doing the research is 15,000 +. I think they have accounted for at least a 100 or so survivors. The theory is the 294/300 number came from just the Flint plant and a shorter than actual production period. Cars from almost all plants have been found.



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