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  1. dr914, my rubber brake hoses were very bad, along with the inside of the wheel cylinders being rusting and rough. I am back from Vacation, plan on doing the back brakes this week, then bleeding and hoping I have acceptable brakes do I can enjoy driving the car. Thanks Bob
  2. the linings are old in age, with little miles on them. I did not change those out. I will keep this in mind if what I have done so far does not correct the issue. I just got the starter back in and found out I left the key on so now I am having to charge the battery before I can see if I made any improvement. But that will have to wait until tomorrow as my body has had enough for today. lol Thanks!
  3. I am sorry for not posting anything, technical issue with my brain. I have a hard brake pedal, so far I have had the booster rebuilt, tested the vacuum valve inserted in it and all vacuum hoses, and have now replaced my wheel cylinders and brake hoses on the front of the car. I found my rubber brake hoses to be in very bad shape, maybe original? My wheel cylinders where full of rusty looking brake fluid and the inside walls where rusty and rough. I have new steel brake lines as well so they should be fine, no rust. I now plan to bleed the brakes and see what I have as far as my brake pedal goes. When I get back from Vacation I will be going through the back brakes as I am sure I will find the same thing there. I am hoping that as I have a read on this forum that my brake hoses were bad and collapsed causing this issue or that the old wheel cylinders condition were preventing them from work correctly. I will leave feed back on what I find. BTW, what should my vacuum pressure be coming out of the line that goes to the booster? I have not been able to get a good reading on this yet but plan on doing this once I can start car. But before I can get back to the brakes I have to reinstall my starter that went bad during this process. ( I had sleepy hollow in Canton Ga rebuilt my starter. $95, great people) I cant seem to fix things fast enough and stay ahead of the issues that come up. OLD CARS! lol
  4. Car runs great. Never heard of the issue you mention Arnulfo? I spoke with Russ Martin during the rebuild and followed his advice, this never came up that I recall? It has been a while though.
  5. Thanks for the information and advice Winston.
  6. needs headliner installed. new wood, heater core. upholstery is in good condition. Front seats redone.
  7. All numbers match. 75,000 miles. less then 1000 miles on engine and trees rebuild.
  8. not making any offerings. nothing to gain. just looking for an approx value to help me decide on selling it or not.
  9. Thinking of selling my 65 Riv. Car has been in my family since 1967. Rebuilt motor, Trans. No rust. Needs someone to finish off the interior. Any thoughts on Value?
  10. When I turn my car over it fires and will run as long as the key is engaged. Once the key is let off it dies. I noticed my ground strap is broke? Could this cause this issue? What other places should I check. Thanks Bob
  11. I need one headliner bow clip for my headliner on a 65 Riviera. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Bob
  12. No not going, taking my girls to Europe during that time. I will get them in the mail early next week. Enjoy the meet. Bob
  13. I can send you eight, let me know where to send them. BOb
  14. Attached is the original one my dad ordered for our 65 Riv. I was pretty young but I thought he ordered with a form he found in the car when he bought it in 1967? It does not look like the others I have seen?
  15. I am trying to work up the courage to replace my heater core. In doing so I was looking at old articles in the Riview. I was amazed at the wealth of great information in these prior Riviews. So I was thinking it might be interesting to reprint some of these older articles in the current Riviews. I was thinking mainly about the articles that are technical how to or restoration tips of specific components. I know they are all available on line, but it would be interesting to me to get one old article in each new Riview. Retro Riview. Just a thought. Bob
  16. I finally got around to installing my vaccum tank today. It worked great, got my brakes back to where the were prior to the cam install. Cheap, easy fix!
  17. It seem like most of my accessories (power seats, windows, windshield wipers) to name a few all need a seperate ground wire to work. Today while driving, I turned on the windshield wipers and they quit, turn them off and back on and got a shock. I am wondering if there is a master ground wire I dont have hooked up or has went bad. Any thoughts? THanks Bob
  18. Yikes, I did not even think about all the other things that are vacuum driven.. My A/C and heat are not working yet so that issue has not smacked me in the face yet. Let me know if you find a good solution. I sure wish I would have gone back with the original cam spec...
  19. I bought a vacuum canister from JEGGS. I have not installed it yet so cannot comment on if it restored my power brakes back to where they were before larger cam.