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  1. Hi I have a 37 Afco radiator made me a real nice aluminum radiator Tom
  2. Does anyone know what a 1937 6 cyl engine and trans weighs? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know what a 1937 Pontiac 6 engine and trans weighs? Thanks
  4. Am looking for a nice condition dome light lense. thanks Tom 309-235-3619
  5. I have a 37 pontiac, in need of the clips that hold the stainless steel lower dash molding on? Thanks Tom 309-235-3619
  6. I have a 1937 pontiac. I need the clips that hold the stainless molding on the lower part of the dash board? Thanks Tom
  7. I have a good 454 core long block out of 1970's chevy wagon, also new oval port stock GM. heads never installed, new alumicoat shorty big block headers. Real nice pair of orginal Cal-custom finned chrome big block valve covers. Call Tom for pricing 309-235-3619
  8. Pontiac 6 complete, was driving car 2 months ago. Car has 44,000 miles. Blew. head gasket. starts right up, good oil pressure, includes trans. $800.00 for 309-235-3619 Tom Can e-mail pictures also.
  9. Hi Looking for 1937 nice pontiac grill emblem and trunk emblem for pontiac 8. Thanks Tom
  10. I just posted a 37. 6 cyl engine and trans , car was running last month befor I pulled it out. 44,000 original miles. Just posted it plus many other parts. Thanks Tom
  11. For sale 44.000 original miles. 6-cyl, complete running last month with trans. also rear end, steering column and wheel, drive shaft, extra starter, generator,lntake and exhaust manifold. 5 wheels 4 tires less than a 1000 miles on them, 4 hub caps. also other parts availble. Would like to sell as a package. Call for details. Thanks Tom 309-235-3619 can e-mail some pictures also. Happy to listen to reasonable offers?
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