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  1. Still looking for decent bolts (found some but were in same worn out condition as the ones we already have). Any body else have ideas?
  2. Here is a picture of the bolt. The odd top is the bent flange to hold against the wood wheel?
  3. Looking for replacement lug bolt for wood wheels. The bolt is approximately 3" long, about 7/16" diameter. The top of the head has one half of it bent up to clamp onto the wheel. My husband got a little strong tightening back on the wheels and snapped two off. Looking for a source to purchase these?
  4. Got our baby up and running. Now time for the fine-tuning. Realized that the previous owner had glued the arrow for the gas gauge in place. Was wondering why this always read as 1/2 tank of gas! I don't know if the gauge was broken or the wiring but would like to find a replacement model. Now that the tank is full, we also realized that the gas will pour back out when we are going up a hill ... like even our driveway. So we are also trying to find a replacement or new gas cap. Thanks!
  5. Our 1929 Series 65 Roadster came to us as "in good running condition". That was a joke! We now have the car up and running after rebuilding the radiator, carburetor, replacing wiring, correcting bad wiring, cleaning gas tank, putting in spark plugs ... etc etc! Now that the car is running, we can fine tune items. The car has wood spokes. Owners manual says that the tubes were 5.50 x 18 . We are facing two challenges .. how to get the flat tube off of the split rim. How do we unfasten the rim? Seems to have a fasterner in place. Second, the tires say Goodyear 6.00-18 6 ply. Can't find this in any searches of vintages tires. And can't figure out what size tubes would fit in these?
  6. This is my new little girl. Thank you for replies! I will keep an eye on this posting and other postings. I did find an old manual online, and it shows three levers (spark control, throttle control, and lights). The steering wheel has two levers direct opposite each other, and a gap where it appears a third lever went.
  7. Finally got the car of my dreams. A "nearly" complete and original 1929 Chrysler Roadster, series 65. Car does need some work however. Looks like it is missing a spark control lever (the steering wheel only has 2 levers, with a gap where the third lever should go. One is definitely the throttle control lever, and I believe the other is the light control lever (but missing wires and can't test). My husband is the "mechanic" ... I'm the researcher so forgive my questions. But this is my baby and I want to learn to drive it. I know how to drive a manual car ... but not a pre-war manual car so I'm such a newbie! First, how do I start the car (once we get all fluids changed out, battery replaced, spark plugs, etc). Second, What does the spark control lever do and can I operate the car without it? I've been trying to look for a replacement part and haven't been able to find one yet! Thanks .. and I'm sure I will have more questions.
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