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  1. Hey Larry When you and John were in Baltimore trying to help my dad start his 1922 Buick, do you remember if my Dad had a key for the ignition or was he using something else? Thanks Keith
  2. John, Unfortunately, my dad is not doing well and is no longer capable of doing any work on his Buick. He is interested in selling the vehicle as is for $9000. In your opinion, would it be worthwhile to have a vintage car shop do the necessary work to get it back running and then try to sell it? With this car in good running condition, what would be a reasonable value for it? Thanks Keith
  3. I wanted to thank John and Larry for all their efforts in helping my Dad with his Buick. He could not say enough about how knowledgable you guys are and how much he appreciated your work and your advice. As he continues tinkering with the car I will try to keep you guys updated with his success or failures. Thanks Again Keith
  4. These pics are from 4 or 5 years ago when he was showing the car. It has been garage kept but for about 3 years it has not run. He does need help in getting it running, which, I assume, would largely effect the value of the car. My dad's name is Charles and his phone number is 410-661-8689.
  5. My father has a 1922 Buick touring convertible. Prior to the last 3 years this was a show vehicle. He hasn't been able to get it started over the last few years and has little time for the vehicle anymore. The vehicle is located in Baltimore, MD. I will provide pictures if anyone is interested in the vehicle. Also, if someone knows a mechanic that is familiar with similar Buick models that lives in the vicinity of Maryland, please let me know. Thanks
  6. Don't know if you ever contacted Betty Whiteford or not since it has been almost ten years, but that Buick actually belongs to my dad. He still has the vehicle although he hasn't shown it in at least 4 years. If you are still interested in talking to him let me know. Thanks