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  1. Thanks guys , thought that was the case but wanted to make sure . Keep on the sunny side !!
  2. Were the early 50's Mopar transmissions syncronized in 2nd gear when down shifting ? Should it grind when down shifting ? It is fine when up shifting ? Hope this makes sense :confused:
  3. Thanks guys , it is a 50's Mopar and set in metal . They are tapered and flush mounted head. They are rounded out pretty bad .
  4. Hello all The head of the screw is rounded out and on top of that they are recessed about a half inch in the door post ........ any ideas on how to remove would be appreciated . Thanks !
  5. Hello all After sitting a few days gas seems to be running back toward fuel pump? there is a glass bowl before the carb and it becomes empty and have to crank it a lot ( bad ) or pour gas in carb . At first I thought it was the carb ( orig. carter ) leaking down but now not sure . Also bowl is lower than the carb . Thanks for any help ! Ray
  6. Thanks Dave , good info ! Now i am thinking about my 51 pontiac 2dr hardtop that did not have the split but seems some did ? Dont remember if mine was a catalina . Funny how we wonder about those things now ...... i guess we were too busy with the girls to think about it then. Have a good one !
  7. Thanks Eric , good to know and probably give you a shout now and then .
  8. Thanks guys , that was driving me batty . The car is new to me and will be learning as i go along . Nice to have you guys around with this great knowlegde . :cool:
  9. Hello all Could someone tell me why some had the 3 piece looking back glass , was it a certain model ? Thanks Ray
  10. Hello all Does anyone know why some had the 3 piece back glass . Was it a certain model ? Thanks !
  11. Thanks Firepower , will give that a try.
  12. Hi 51 Will get that pic to you soon . On the base that bolts to the starter it has SSX 4004 on it . I think the SSX 4002 will work also. Thanks !
  13. Has anybody got one to sell ? Thanks Ray
  14. Good morning all , Anybody got a working starter solenoid or complete starter for my 1954 that you could part with . Also, what other years will fit ? Thanks Ray