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  1. Hi Bob here in Edmonton Alberta. I’m looking for early 1928 wire wheel hubcaps. Sure seem hard to find. 780 819 7404. Thanks
  2. Hi punisher7 Bob here in Edmonton Alberta. Just going through all the adds here and saw yours about looking for wire wheels. Call me if you get this. 780 819 7404 thanks
  3. Hi Bob here in Edmonton Alberta. I have a set of headlights and one cowel light. 780 819 7404
  4. I’m looking for 1928 studebaker President wire wheel hubcaps . Please call me 780 819 7404
  5. Hi my names Bob I recently bought a 1931 Buick model 90, I am looking to gain road speed, so I am looking for the crown and pinion gears out of a 1931 Buick model 64/65 or 94/95 which have number of teeth 11/46. Anybody have or know where I could find these parts!? Does anybody know if a newer transmission with helical gears would fit? Because 1st and 2nd gear are so whiny!
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