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  1. Does anyone know the location of the 1907 Austin touring car sold at an Amelia Island auction last year?
  2. I posted a request for information on this car in 1911. I was happy to finally get some information. I wrote the 1978 article on Austin, The Highway King. We tried to buy this Austin from the Pollard collection to return it to Grand Rapids Michigan where it was made, but it was sold to someone else and it disappeared. Now it reappears in New Zealand. We are still interested in acquiring it if it becomes available.
  3. I am trying to trace a 1918 Austin V12 touring made in Grand Rapids Michigan. A picture of this car is included in an article about the Austin Automobile Company (written by me) in Antique Auomobile, March-April, 1978, p. 10. It was part of the Barney Pollard collection in Detroit and disappeared after he died and the collection was dispersed.
  4. I am replying to your posting about a 1932 DeVaux convertible. I expedited the restoration of the 32 now on display in the Grand Rapids Public Museum and one one time ran the DeVaux Registry. A museum in Argentina wrote for information and sent pictures of a 32 convertible thay had. This was over 20 years ago. I turned that material over to Myron Cummings. So there is at least one more out there.
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