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  1. I am trying to trace a 1918 Austin V12 touring made in Grand Rapids Michigan. A picture of this car is included in an article about the Austin Automobile Company (written by me) in Antique Auomobile, March-April, 1978, p. 10. It was part of the Barney Pollard collection in Detroit and disappeared after he died and the collection was dispersed.
  2. I am replying to your posting about a 1932 DeVaux convertible. I expedited the restoration of the 32 now on display in the Grand Rapids Public Museum and one one time ran the DeVaux Registry. A museum in Argentina wrote for information and sent pictures of a 32 convertible thay had. This was over 20 years ago. I turned that material over to Myron Cummings. So there is at least one more out there.