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  1. I'm sure this has been explained before but one more time please.. The plaque on my firewall has different numbers and letters that are over/under on it. Model/body/paint/trim with numbers underneath and letters to the right at top. The bottom has more letters that are also over/under each other. In the middle is Body Number and a 4 diget number on the right lower is Sched/Item no. with a seven digit number under it. The plaque is the same color as the car and hard to read. Thanks all for any infomation to help me understanding this. Also who makes a authentic looking better performing wiring harness for old Chrysler's? Thanks again, Ratman. P.S. I would send a picture of the plaque but my camera has a problem.
  2. I need a better door mirror as mine is hanging on with JB weld and its not chrome colored weld! It has hashmark/lines on the arm and is round. thanks Ratman:D
  3. Thanks guys, your help is greatly appreciated. I'm intellegent enough to know I'm ignorant.
  4. My 1950 Saratoga looks like the 1950 New Yorker pictures I have found on the web. I know they made only 1000 of the Saratoga 4dr and many more New Yorker's. Was it kinda like when G.M. has two cars that share a number of simular things? ie. Camaro and Firebird. Maybe not a great example but I hope you get what I mean! Also any thought about a difference in value. I'm thinking that the NewYorker had something upgraded about it from the Saratoga but I can't see any difference in pictures or in parts catalogs, and service manuals. So whats up with this? Any thoughts to the value of these two cars assuming two of the same year and condition? Thanks for any imput as I am just trying to figure whats what! Ratman
  5. Looking for a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga or other Chrysler L8 exhaust manifold. Mine has a crack and can be fixed but..... any leads much appreciated. Ratman
  6. I just saw a old thread that you said you had 1950 Chrysler parts. Still Have them? let me know. Thanks Ratman
  7. Plastic vanity case with Chrysler coat of arms on it. It may also have Saratoga on it. I'm told it might come with a mirror and a powder puff. :cool: Sure would make my wife and Miss Daisy (1950 Saratoga 4dr) happy!!!!!! Any information on this item would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks to prs518 for the tip.
  8. I would like to start a registry or owners group for this rare automobile. I have owned mine for only 3 weeks. Pictures are in progress. I'm really excited about this car model. I'm sure curious how many still exist. Lets share stories and parts info.. etc. Please contact me and lets see what we can come up with. Ratman:D
  9. How cool is that! a vanity case. Thanks for the info and quick reply. We need to talk!!!!
  10. Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if I should do some level of restoration or leave it alone. Ratman
  11. Color tour in Michigan in Miss Daisy our 1950 Chrysler Saratoga. She had a fine weekend with no rain 80 degrees and no skunk or deer hits. We are bonding as a family. We adopted her from a family who had her for over 40 years..
  12. I have learned that only 1300 were made, due to a strike and the Korean war. I have a 1950 that I bought only 3 weeks ago. I'm getting the feeling that I got lucky and have a somewhat rare car. It has the straight eight 323.5 c.i. motor, prestomatic transmission and a sun visor. It is completly stock original. No pictures yet. Any information on this car will be very much appreciated. I'm also a first time user to this site. Thanks much, Ratman
  13. I have a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga 4dr. It has a straight 8 motor. I have a feeling it is very rare with only 1300 produced. I would sure like to know how many are still around. I am also looking for various parts and like talking about them. another Ratman:confused:
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