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  1. The rarest 1950 Chrysler? Possibly the 1950 Saratoga. Only 1000 made. One year only front end. Last year of the straight eight motor. I've been looking hard for another one for months now and not even a rumor of one other than Miss Daisy. see pics.
  2. Hello, I guess I am one of the long line of would be buyers, hard to believe someone sent you a quicker response but oh well...... If something falls through on the deal, I am still interested and will buy it the moment you call. Bummed out in Kawkawlin. (I'll get over it!) Ratman Cell phone is 989 501 0816.
  3. Unless you are going down hill these cars shift slowly. Just think smoooooth and relaxed when experiencing the presto-matic transmission. No jerks and no hurry's mate.... My 1950 Saratoga changes gears when she's ready. Thats ok as she is a 61 y.o. and I'm only 54. so what do I know?
  4. Just wish I knew how many survivors are hiding out there. After looking around my gut feeling is less than ten of the "50 4dr's. Might just be wishfull thinking though. Daisy's one of 1000 or so..... I looked into the numbers for production and a few vin numbers and a few engine numbers are sort of missing. The numbers don't match up. Probably testing and stuff at the factory. Anyone have any ideas about that? Roughly 20-30 engines and 20-30 cars.
  5. Mark, I'll call you on Sunday, before the Lions game. After the Lions game I might be hoarse, confused, angry, unable to understand reality, etc. Ratman
  6. Once again thanks for the chuckles and great answers. As a M.G. owner I know all about the Lucas smoke. By the way roadside shoulder gravel/dirt is not very effective in containing Lucas smoke either, even a couple of inches won't do it. I swear it was my buddy Bear that tried that one. (name changed to protect the panic stricken) Ratman (still lookin for another '50 Saratoga!)
  7. .....And keep us ever mindful of the feelings of others....
  8. After two month's of fairly serious looking I still have not found another '50 Saratoga. Not even a hint of one. Some parts but no car. I'm starting to check a new data base of museums, and clubs etc. SO, I thought I would check here one more time. Does anyone own one, know someone that owns one or any rumors of one somewhere? Come on don't be shy. Maybe we can get them to mate, Miss Daisy is a lovely haze blue 61 y.o. that would love to meet another sedan for long drives and quality time together in the garage. Thanks, Ratman
  9. Wow! I knew I would have a PHD's worth of information come back for this question. A heartfelt thanks for all the information. I will contact the seller and give it a try,. Thanks again everyone. Even Bhigdog helped with some little known factory info. I think the smoke is filtered through the double mutterer. God bless all and, LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE. Ratman
  10. I need a spare tire wheel. It is 15 X8.20 tire size and the bolts are 3 1/4" apart (center to center). Needs to fit a '50 Saratoga. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving. Ratman
  11. I need a Steel wheel for a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga. The bolts are 3 1/4" apart (center to center). The tire is a 15 X 8.20. Any help finding one is much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving. Ratman
  12. Can a 6vdc car clock be tested with a 9 volt battery if a 6 is not available. A seller on ebay has a clock and no 6vdc battery to test with, only a 9volt. I told him to hang on while I get a answer and don't do it till I get back to him. Thanks much....and happy Thanksgiving! Ratman
  13. Looked for parts on e-bay. Now my eyes hurt. Should have just gone for a putt.
  14. I just purchased a original vintage brochure published by Chrysler explaining fluid drive (Prestomatic). It's entitled " Chrysler's Prestomatic Fluid Drive Transmission" published by the Chrysler Sales Division Detroit Michigan. This transmission came out in 1938. The brochure was published in 1950. Check with pjsautolit. or ebay item number 230638195241 I paid 8.00 plus 5.00 shipping. A really good item to have. great color drawings and explanations. UPDATE... I use the date 1938 only because Chrysler printed it on the booklet. 1938-1950. It refers to 1938-1950 as Fluid Drive.
  15. This is what a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga looks like.
  16. From the album: Member Galleries

    1950 Chrysler Saratoga Very Rare Find in Bay City Michigan
  17. Bob, again nice ride. I have decided to take mine apart to the frame and clean and paint it. Then repair body dents, etc and then paint. Only a little rechroming and new seat material. Everything else will probably stay original. I like the idea of sending the car into the future in good shape. I know a lot of folks that say I'll mess up the value. But taking in the bigger picture I think the car will be better off by not being a pile of rust at some point. I'm using NOS as much as I can find. If you ever hear of another' 50 Saratoga in existance let me know? Thanks for the inspiration again. Rat
  18. Your car is stunning! 2800 is a nice low production number too. I'm also wondering how many of your New Yorker's are still around? How long have you had it? Did you work on it? What kind of condition was it when you got it? Hope you don't think I'm being nosey. Just curious. The picture of your car is just the motivation I need. Thanks for the pic. I'm going to try to post a picture of Miss Daisy tonight. When I get her finished I will probably have some extra parts. I will keep your info. Ratman
  19. Hey C49er, I forgot to ask, do you have a Saratoga?
  20. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?.. I think total production was 1300. 1000 were the 4dr. and the other 300 were the 2dr. If my production serial numbers are correct. I'm thrilled to have a 4dr. and a production number of only 300 makes me want a 2dr also. Maybe I'll do a little chop work and turn 4 into 2...... It makes me wonder why the New Yorker was more popular. I do know that the Korean war caused some material shortages and that Chrysler had a strike in !950 so production numbers were lower than 1951. Both the Saratoga and New Yorker were essentially the same car. A few more options on the interior for the New Yorker are about it for differences. The original owner of mine apparently had the dealer install a Fuller windshield shade and paint it the matching color (the underside is still green), and while a lot of people don't like after market add- ons, this one looks perfect on the car. Add that to the long wheelbase and hood for the straight 8 motor and wide white walls the car is transformed,. and Its design beauty stands out. I think people wanted a new look after the forties and the Saratoga, (in low numbers) just got overlooked. Stepping back with time. I think the car has all the classic looks and design of many of the great fine cars of the 30's and 40's. but then I'm in love with Miss Daisy.
  21. the vacuum modulator is behind the double mutterer impeller shaft housing. Glad to help.
  22. Hello all, Ok, I have been trying to find out about 1950 Saratoga's and thanks to several members I'm making progress.. However, I'm now pretty sure not many survived. SO... here is my qustion, Does anyone know of another one? I'm finding New Yorker's and Windsor's but not one 1950 Saratoga. Only 1000 made. Miss Daisy (the car) and I are getting lonely. Gotta be one somewhere.
  23. I am looking for a 323 c.i. L8 exhaust manifold with no cracks. I also need a driverside door mirror. And last but not least a Saratoga ladies vanity case. I'm always willing to look at other parts for Miss Daisy (the car) or just talk about '50 Saratoga's. Thanks much, another Ratman:D
  24. I Need a non-cracked heat riser housing for a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga 323.5 c.i. L 8 motor. A New Yorker part will work also. I'm still looking for a non-cracked manifold for the same car. Thanks
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