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  1. C-49er is GREAT. Thanks for helping with the part......and right quick too! Another Ratman
  2. I just received another offer of the seller having parts I am looking for. It is worded in a generic way and ask me to contact him. I sent him a message telling him to go away. (and none to nicely) I have not heard back. I think its Iassc Brunswick and Company again. LOOK OUT EVERYONE.
  3. Lost during restoration. It is supposed to be located behind dash between steering column and top of dash. About 8" X 1". Metal strip is a mount for other electric stuff. I think other years and models of Chrysler's will work. Same as a New Yorker. Thanks for help. OH.... Mr Iaasc Brunswick if your still alive, please drop dead. (HE IS A SCAMMER/CROOK). Thanks again, Another Ratman
  4. Great imput. Thanks again. Another Ratman
  5. Mr, Iaasic Brunswick just answered my part search. I told him we saved England's butt in two world wars. I asked him if he knew how many Americans died so he could try to steal from us. What a dirt bag. BEWARE!
  6. I lost a part during restoration. I need a instrument bracket for a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga. P/N 1256244. It would be the same for a New Yorker (C-49) or even a C-48 Windsor, maybe others too. I think it was about 8"X1". I holds some electrical stuff on it. We, have a deadline of September 3rd. for a car show. I'm sure aliens came for it at night. Good thing they did'nt get the TV. Thanks Another Ratman
  7. Well, now I'm leaning towards a car jacket for winter only storage (rust/moisture concerns) and nothing for daily routine inside the garage. However, I still would like to have some kind of cover for overnight at car shows, mostly to keep her clean. Thanks everyone for your help. Another Ratman
  8. Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions. It is a lot to think about. Be safe and may God bless you both. Another Ratman and Miss Daisy
  9. Miss Daisy (1950 Chrysler Saratoga) is almost finished and ready to come home. She lives in Michigan and will be kept in a unheated large garage. What is the best car cover for her. I will take her to shows and she will be outside once in a while at a show or camping or touring. I am not interested in a fan driven bubble container. I would like a costom cover that fits her voluptious curves and protects paint from weather, contact, UV rays, bird droppings, sap, etc. Too many covers on search engines to go through. So, please tell me which one is best, overall of the bunch. Thanks, Another Ratman.
  10. What is the best cover for my 1950 Chrysler? It is kept inside a garage in Michigan and the cover would only be used outside a few days a year. I want good rain and scratch protection mostly. Thanks for everyones help. Another Ratman. Miss Daisy (the car) is almost finished!!!!! Oops on the pix
  11. I think I have that belt molding, I will check tomorrow. I have some other parts that I bought thinking I might be able to use them on my 1950 Saratoga. but alas. they are not the same. What else do you need? Ratman. Cell 989 501 0816 between 10a and 7p.
  12. Miss Daisy is almost ready for the rebuilt engine to run. I need a L8 (straight eight) EXHAUST MANIFOLD. Please contact me with any information on one. Will pay a finders fee if I buy it. Hopefully you have one that needs to get out and travel more. Thank you all for any help. Ratman
  13. I will make a wild uneducated guess.... It's either a Rickenbacker or a Hispano-Suiza. Glad to help.
  14. Mines missing the nipple that the hose going to the jar attaches to. Need asap. Thanks Ratman
  15. I have a non working windshield washer pump (engine compartment on firewall) in my 1950 Saratoga. Actually the pump might work, it's missing the nipple the hose attaches to. Let me know if you can help. Thanks. Ratman
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