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  1. Hi Guys wonder if you can help my 68 Buick Wildcat has started to make a wa wa wa sound from the rear I think its from the drivers side thought it might be a bearing or tire, the hub doesnt feel hot on the drivers side but the passenger side drum does get very hot,it the sound speeds up and slows with the speed of the car, also wondered if it could be sticking brakes any help advice greatly appreiciated
  2. Hi I wonder if anybody has to sell a rear bumper for a 1968 Wildcat and a front grill centre badge,or knows the best place to get hold of any help would be greatly apprieciated.
  3. Thanks yes its actually the only 68 Wildcat in the UK so draws a lot of attention, hoping next year to visit a few shows in the US.
  4. was a member of the Buick owners club here in the UK
  5. Hi Guys, wondered if anyone has a front centre grill Buick emblem badge for sale as mine has fallen apart, thanks in advance, Joe
  6. Thanks for the tip just a quick question anything special I should know about replacing the pump or is it straightforward.
  7. Also I need to fit a new fuel pump diaphragm split
  8. Hi Guys thought I would update you with some good news took the oil pan off and found the conrod hitting the baffle which is bolted to the block there was a grove in it were it had been hitting ground off this area around 8mm checked the conrod put it all back together and no noise!!! really pleased engine sounds as it should cant wait to take it for a drive just need to rebuild the steering linkage had to dismantle it to remove the oil pan
  9. I'm hoping this is the problem fingers crossed I'll keep you updated.
  10. He's agreed to pay any costs incurred, to be honest I think he's embarrassed by whats happened.
  11. Update Guys, engine builder came over with stethoscope pinpointed the sound coming from the rear of the sump taking the sump off on Sunday I've removed the exhaust and I need to disconnect the steering rod to allow the sump to come off without taking the engine out the builder thinks its the sump baffle hitting the con rod he did say it was bent and he did straighten it other than that it may also be the re profiled con rod if its been machined wrongly we'll know on Sunday I'll keep you guys informed of the findings
  12. Latest news Guys is I had the engine builder over, engine running, when you start it from cold its not so pronounced but as it warms up it becomes more noticable and at around 1500 rpm it's at its loudest, its a real rattle its coming from the left side rear of the engine, hes coming back next week with a stethoscope ot pinpoint the sound but to be honest I think we both feel its going to be engine out again, quick question does anybody know if its possible to remove the oil pan from a Wildcat with the engine in?
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