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  1. thank you Tom. the 36 smal parts is right for me. Roar.
  2. hallo. i am in need of a trunk latch and arms for my 37 olds coupe. also need the smal parts that hold arms in place. if somone have a spear i am interested. can also modify arms from a sedan if i cant get coupe parts. think 37 to 40 from buick pontiack or caddillac is ok too. Roar.
  3. hallo. is it a l37 or f37. need some parts for my l37 olds. thanks.
  4. hallo. i am looking for inside window garnish moldings for my driver door. wonder if you have one. i am at niss@online.no Roar.
  5. hi Nice ride. have sendt you a pm. Roar.
  6. hallo. anybody know were i can get a trunk latch assembly for my 37 olds coupe. i think 37/38 olds buick pontiac can fit. maybe also lassalle and cadillac, anybody know??. :confused: Roar.
  7. hallo, i am in need of inside window frames for the doors on my 37 olds coupe. i can use 37/38 olds buick pontiac. do anybody know if i also can use lasalle or caddillac frames. thanks Roar.
  8. Hallo. i am realy in need of a license light for my 37 olds coupe, can anyone help. or maybe tip me on sombody that can help. thanks Roar.
  9. hallo. i am realy in need of a license light for my 1937 olds coupe, can anyone help or know sombody that can. i pay good for one. Roar.
  10. hi. need center licens light for my 37 olds coupe. anybody know of one. pay good. also need left side rear light for it (8cyl type) thanks Roar.
  11. the finned rear light is for a 8cyl car. this is the lights i realy miss since my car is a 8 cyl. but i take for 6 cyl if i cant find any others. the base of thise light is very different than the other oldsmobile modells. al the rear light have been stolen from my car and that is the problem Roar.