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  1. I know this is probably a silly question :confused:, but I want to make sure I don't cause any damage. I have a replacement NOS parking brake black handle to replace the old grimy one on my '70 Skylark convertible and I'm not sure if the old one should just screw off? Has anyone out there done the same and have any tips? Thanks.
  2. It's pretty rusty and there was a transmission rebuild, but honestly I think it's more cosmetic than anything else so maybe not worth it. We've sandblasted and undercoated everything, replaced the fuel tank, diff cover, new shocks etc. and it kind of looks nasty. One mechanic thought it lookes a little too rusty and the u-joints were kind of funky, but with 64K miles maybe it's just fine. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks - that's where I'm headed. I live in the DC area and there a few around here. I just thought it was a matter of ordering an OEM part, didn't realize I had to have one made until I started asking around. Thanks again.
  4. Hi - I'm in the process of restoring a 1970 Skylark convertible and we thought we'd go ahead and put in a new drive shaft - but finding/buying one has been more difficult than I thought. I thought I's throw it out there to see if anyone could point me in the right direction before I spend too much time....... Thanks!
  5. Hey thanks for the reply. I've learned as much since I bought by custom convertible about 5 months ago. Friend of the family has a line on a nice used grille from a '70 but is not sure if it's from a base or a custom. I know the custom has some chrome accents but I'm not sur eif it would fit if it's form a base - someone else told me they thought it might not if it's from a base. Thanks again.
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the 1970 Skylark 350 grille and the 1970 Skylark Custom grille? I thought they were the same and am currently looking for a custom grille, but someone online the other day told me there was a difference in the way they bolt on :confused:. Thanks!
  7. Hi - my name is Ron and I live in Reston Virginia. I recently purchased a 1970 Skylark Custom convertible - all original with 63K miles. I owned a 1970 Skylark coupe while in college (late 70's early 80's) and never got over it. Loved that car and have always admired Buicks over the years. FInally got to the point where I could indulge and was very happy to find this forum. I'm very excited and looking forward to the experience!