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  1. Question for you engine rebuilders - Just made a change in my life going from a 1963 muscle car to a 1930 Pontiac coupe - stock - My engine stand is good for a 389 - used it for years - but looking at this big "6" I don't know if my stand will support this beast - it's long and heavy - do I need some special stand or will my 1000 lb stand be enough? she will sit in her cradle for now Thank you Chris
  2. Need a recommendation here. I would like to know who is able to reline the brake shoes for a 1930 pontiac. I found a few places in Hemmings, but would like to hear from someone who has had this work done. I live in the Cleveland Ohio area, local would be nice, but I would ship these shoes anywhere if need be - Thank you in advance Chris
  3. marvel for both - but they don"t look the same - the one on the car has a summer/winter screw type adjustment on the bowl- the other one does not , but has a date of July 1913 on the bowl
  4. need some advice here as to what i can do to rebuild the carburetor for my 30 coupe - where might I get a rebuild kit or who can rebuild one - I have two carburetors that would fit the car and both need work - thank you in advance for any info
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