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  1. I am searching for the chromed headlight rings for a 1947 Oldsmobile 66. Good condition preferred. Thanks!
  2. Just in case anyone else has this problem again: NTP has indeed a vast assortment of parts for the B-O-P-Syncro-Mesh-3-spd-manual-transmission. Although it is not listed on their website. Thanks again for the hints!
  3. Thanks. The only vendor named here and over at the Oldsmobileforum seems to be North West Transmissions. They are a bit difficult to reach but I will try again. What I am searching for is a complete overhaul kit. The transmission works, but is very tired and leaks. One needs to be extremely careful to avoid crunchy sounds when shifting (although owner knows how to deal with the first-to-second-shift)
  4. This is a long shot: I am searching parts for the manual transmission of a '47 Oldsmobile 66. Asking for sources in Oldsmobile-circles has yielded some but not many results. I have learned that many Buick Specials and Supers between '34 and '55 came with the same 3spd-manual-transmission, despite the torque tube. So, where do you get the parts?
  5. A friends '47 66 is missing its original heater. Does someone have the Dual-Flow heater box?
  6. Thanks. You have perfectly understood my intentions and thoughts and summed it up correctly. And as I said, I have had a professional inspection of the the Iowa car, so there is a serious interest beyond asking in forums. Moreover it wasn't my idea to ask here because I'm unwilling to search the usual places. Sometimes somebody has a project car that is lingering around for years or even decades. Despite not having it advertised maybe the owner wants to use the occasion to get rid of it. For such a question their shouldn't be a better place than a Buick-community.
  7. Mitch, yes, I want to enjoy a restoration of a car that has one of five factory colors, maybe a few options and I would prefer the original engine. As I said, I had the discussed car inspected. That's serious interest from my point of view. I have opened two threads within a year and received roundabout 25 answers. In that time I changed my mind once. Nevertheless I feel I know what I want. I just want to make a considered decision and don't think I have kept dozens of persons busy for hours. I really don't see a problem here but I don't want to stir up lengthy discussion or displeasure among the members of this forum. I'm sorry If I have violated the conventions among Buick aficionados. Maybe it's the best to close the thread.
  8. I didn't want to waste your time and I will pull the trigger. I even had the car inspected that you mentioned. But when starting a huge and expensive restoration project that goes on for years one shouldn't take the first car that roughly matches the criteria. And this car has just to many stop signs for me. It's a very rusty stripper without matching numbers - I could bear one or even two of these negative aspects but not all three. There is a huge space between this and 'perfect'. A word I didn't even use. I have pulled the trigger before on a car in a certain color scheme with certain options in a certain condition and squeezed a ton of fun out of the restoration. And still enjoy it years later. I'm not ashamed of considering extensively what I want. And yes, I'm picky, but as far as I know this is not uncommon in the old car hobby. I know many people that search for years.
  9. Thanks. That car has the heater as the sole option and a non-original engine. Therefore I don't want to undertake the huge restoration efforts.
  10. Thanks for you support, Smartin. I'm following your posts with great interest. I would prefer a project for a ground-up restoration. This one looks gorgeous at first glance but seems to have a few issues on closer inspection. It's worth considering, though. But it's neither perfect nor project.
  11. Thanks for the hint. That is the same car as the Pearl Fawn/Fawn vehicle mentioned above. Would be a sweet project but unfortunately not my colors.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know that. I was thinking of green-red combinations as they very seldom can be seen on contemporary Cadillacs.
  13. I have seen this, but it was Pearl Fawn/Fawn from factory.
  14. Hello, I have been searching a '67 Electra convertible for quite some time. I have found the right color combination after an extensive search but this find now changed my mind. What I really want is a '60 Electra convertible project. Acceptable factory colors are Turquoise, Blue (Chalet/Midnight), Red (Titian), and Silver. I don't want the Black/Silver and the Brown/Gold interior, all others are okay. Can be anywhere, I'm willing to travel.
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