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  1. Hello Manual I think it is a chev from what i can tell. it has wire wheels with a smaller stud pattern than the dodge and its rocker gear is above the head. the gauges and bonnet look the same as the early to mid 30s chev pictures ive seen. I will wait for your PM ian.i would like to see the parts used rather than rotting away. i need to track down someone that does running boards to suit my KCL if anyone has a lead.being a 119 seems to make them harder to find. also after some hubcaps to suit wire wheels. Chhers Gary
  2. Gday Ian From what i can gather the american build ones had full steel bodies with floor etc but the ones we have here had steel outers with wooden frames on the inside. if you look closely at the pic near the rear wheelarch you can see the flatbar frame that the wood bolted to. i have a 36 truck which has the same metal outer shell as the american version but wooden framework holding it together.im sure there are others who will be able to shed some light on it. im more than happy to sell any parts that will help you with yours. i saved this from the crusher a few years back,i had to trade a
  3. Hello Ian and Everyone Very nice job you have done there.have been following this thread for a while and thought it was time i said hello. i have the remains of a dodge the same as yours that i hope to find a home for at some stage.
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