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  1. Thanks...Sally Feild was my heartbeat...thanks for reminding me!! Memory lane is not so easy these days, thanks so much for kicking in...it really helped!! Oh, by the way, she was no sister... which I truly enjoyed!! Mike
  2. I fell in love with the "Flying nun" in that series...but as an old timer I simply cannot remember her name!! It is on the tip of my tongue!! Nah, just don't get it!! But, many other actresses of the era came to mind, equally loved by me, so thanks!! But, on to the important issues... The Ford appears to be a 1946, or early 1947, due to the parklights above the grille. They dropped down about mid 1947, as I recall ...probably due to Henry's obsession to using up all the last year's parts before using the new stuff!! Thanks for all the memories, Mike
  3. Anybody ever seen one of these??? It is called a Martin Stationette.
  4. Hey, hang in there guys, I cannot contribute anything, but I enjoy your efforts, immensely!! Mike
  5. Thanks for beating me to the punch!! LOL Mike
  6. Every time I pull a body off, I just remove the steering wheel and thread the column through the access panel hole on the floor. Sometimes there is even more clearance if the floors are rusty!! As I raise the body up, I just roll the frame forward...it has always worked for me. Same way in reverse for replacing the body back down.
  7. I restore Buick Woodie Wagons, so I sometimes need a derelict 4 door sedan for much needed parts! I could not part many out, due to my love for this era Buick, in any body style. But, a few have come my way, too far gone to restore, and sometimes they have some great parts. If their parts will work on Woodies, they are mine!!! But some don't even come close, so here I am offering them to you, and for a reasonable price..I need the room!! Believe me I do!! I acquired a sedan with many good parts for my Woodies, that included this pair of useless parts that were way too nice to scrap... So, make me an offer for one or both...I just want them to get to somebody that needs them. I will accept the first offer for one or both, providing the shipping doesn't put me in the poorhouse!! I, and the parts, are in CA...shipping is on you! The glass looks new, as does the chrome frame. My camera is acting up, so I cannot get a decent pic, but if you are not totally happy, I will accept a return. Shipping both ways excluded. I will try to add pics, but glass isn't very photogenic!! Mike
  8. I am a total sucker for 47 Buick parts...what would be the shipping to CA 93254? Mike
  9. Titles don't seem to be a problem here in CA, what have you in other states had problems with?? I have a sweet lady who inspects the vehicle, jots down the numbers, and in a few weeks I get a title. The hardest part is hauling the car...wagon to her...she is an hour away, and doesn't like to travel, so I have to!!
  10. Hey Pete, the side trim also says 1952, since it hooks up with the rocker trim, as in a loop. The 1951 doesn't do that, it goes back onto the rear fender, with no rocker trim. I have posted a pic of a 1951 Roadmaster I had recently to show the difference. This would have a straight 8, but could be described as an inline V8, to a novice!! LOL In 1952 only 359 Estate Wagons were produced, pretty low a figure. 32,069 four door sedans were produced. If you go, give us a report!! Mike
  11. Well, the red 1952 Super showed up here a week or so ago, and we are cooking!! The 49 is still awaiting its owner to pick it up, should be this week, weather permitting. Meanwhile we have carved most of the rear quarter pieces for the new project, and have started fitting some of it. Quite fitting that it is a 1952!! This wagon is gorgeous!! All mechanical components have been rebuilt, the frame powder coated, the total body painted shiny red, everywhere, top, bottom, and everywhere else!! We feel very special to be building all new wood for it. We coated the fresh paint with yellow tape to protect it from our numerous fitting, trimming and refitting of the wood. This weekend there is a Woodie show in Huntington Beach, south of LA, and Alex is going to it, so I get to relax for a few days. I decided not to go since I love the life out here in the sticks, and never relish any thoughts of fighting traffic in LA!! But, I am sure he will take some pics, and I will post them here...hopefully there will be more Buicks...!! By the way, Alex is the working guy wearing blue, I am the old white haired guy, relaxing!!
  12. Well, we finally finished our work on the 49!! It is going to be picked up, soon, by the present owner, who has never seen it!! ...In the flesh, er, steel, er, wood!! OK, you know what I mean!! No pics as of yet, but will follow up with some of it being loaded, when that occurs. Many excess parts, so loading will take some time. Alex & I went this last weekend to the Woodie gathering in Visalia, CA, about a 250 mile drive, but well worth the effort. I am sure there will be some coverage in the Woodie Times, and you may get to see Alex. He made a gorgeous trophy, and arranged to present it to our choice of Woodies, and did a bang-up job of doing it, if I say so myself!! His wife, Hannah, took a video of his presentation, soon to be added here. (Keep reminding this old guy to get it here...forgetful, old age, go together!!) Looking forward to the next project, a bright red 1952 Super, right here soon, to be refitted with all new wood. We have been busy making some of it. Will keep you posted, Mike
  13. Thomas, I love your introduction: "Hello friends of wooden art" That says it all!! Thanks so very much, Mike
  14. Greetings Thomas, First of all, let me say your finished product looks gorgeous! And I have a full understanding of what you went through to get it to its current glory. I loved the pictures of before, and during, then finished!! Even if "they are not in the right sequence" LOL No problem there, easy to figure out!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, most Woodies found today have wood that is not salvageable, hence new wood is required. I started, (and fell in deep love of Woodies) when they had salvageable wood, and restored many, but nowadays, they are scarce. Glad you found a real relic with good, no, great wood!! And it shows in the finished pictures...it all looks really great...paint, wood, and all the rest. And there is so much more of all the rest...you have my respect!! Keep in touch, Mike
  15. By the way, Eldovert, we just love those rear quarter windows!! As much as the rest of it!!
  16. We could accommodate you if you are serious, but the cost would be in the high price brackets...!! Email me if you are serious for more info, and some of our outrageous ideas at: mikesoldecars@yahoo. com Or send me a private message, here. We loved the picture of your Caddy Ambulance, which prompted us to lower ourselves to do a Caddy!! LOL It is gorgeous, but Cadillac never made production Woodies, so we would have to lower ourselves to make "just" another one of them custom ones...although your name for it sounds really good!! LOL (Took us awhile to figure it out, but cracked us up when we did...) And, we aren't so far away.... So, come down to the south (warmer) weather & visit us, anytime!! Your thoughts??? Cheers, Mike
  17. Well, now that I have an opportunity to add videos to this link... (Way beyond my expertise, by the way!!) And only so grateful for my addition of Alex, a great woodworker, but also his wife, Hannah, who is the computer Whiz that made all this magic possible. And since we're making new wood for the 52 Buick new project (eg: carving it), We will just have to add here some videos of wood being carved!! Complete with wood chips flying into the camera!!! OK, when we are done, we are the ones that have to sweep them up!!! Stay in touch, Mike
  18. I just today, got the official postcard about the "Woodies in the Valley" show, presented by the Central Valley Woodie Club. Thanks to Wayne Yada's & Ernie & Liss Crotty's extra efforts. It will be held on March 7-9, in Visalia, CA. Alex & I are planning to attend on the 10th, and we will get all the pics we can and send them here. I am sure there will be a great article in the Woodie Times, but we should get pics here quicker. We plan to present a trophy to what we consider the "Best Wood", and we are looking forward to it. Mike
  19. Just glad to be in California...Even at it's coldest, scenes don't look like that!!
  20. Those surroundings look vaguely familiar...could it be King & Sons? I was there a few (or more) years ago, and they were working on a couple of T & C's... Sorry if I am wrong, I am old guy with a sometimes poor memory!! But every so often it kicks in!! Mike
  21. I am restoring a 1949 Buick Super Estate Wagon, and here are some of the latest pics... It has all new wood, and I try to find some exquisite grain, just to show off the wood at its best. Only Woodies have that capability!! It is framed in ash, and uses mahogany panels at the rear tailgate and below, with mahogany inserts along the sides. Cheers, Mike
  22. Hi Keith, I cannot imagine 6-8 inches of snow anymore...had it in my childhood, but then it was fun!! Make sure all are tucked in well, Mike
  23. Thanks Pal. We just took on another project, a 1952 red Super with all new wood, so I'll be posting pics of that soon. We are presently starting to carve the wood, and my partner, Alex has a video capability, so we will try to get some videos of the carving process and add some links for you to view them. The wagon is being painted as I write, and we don't expect it here until later this month, or early March. By then we should have most of the wood already made for it. Sometime in March, there is a Woodie show in Visalia, which Alex & I plan to attend. That is not too far away from us, and hardly any traffic gridlock...thanks!! I will fill you in on the actual dates, later. It usually has a write-up in the Woodie Times, and a good one at that. Wayne Yada gets it going, due to his fabulous energy, and I look forward to seeing him again soon. We want to present a trophy for our consideration of the best wood...but, SHHUUSH!! We haven't approached Wayne as of yet (which reminds me, I need to do that...)!! So you are getting some inside info!! LOL It was Alex's idea, and I love it! We will try to keep you all updated (If I remember!! LOL). Feel free to remind this old guy... Cheers. Mike
  24. No, none of you are never a pest!! I thoroughly enjoy it all. I think your Woodie will look really nice in that gorgeous blue color!! It looks like you are using a combination of old & new wood, hard to make them match in the varnishing stage!! It also looks like the rear quarters are fitted very nicely. Email me at: mikesoldecars@yahoo.com Or phone me at: 661 766 9141 anytime. In fact, I thank you for jarring this old memory to add some of the latest pics of the 49 Super, which is about done...That is, with our part, namely the wood. There is plenty of other areas that need assembly after we are finished. This wood came out a wee bit darker that new wood usually does, since some of it aged (read that: darkened naturally) as it sat in probate with bare wood for about 5 years. The new pieces we made were considerably lighter, but even though we sanded the older (new) wood and it did lighten up a bit, it didn't lighten enough to match the new. So we stained it all lightly, and it matches much better. We also mounted the rear fenders, with fender welting between the wood & fenders, the only place these style Woodies have any fender welting. The 49 fenders are awesome!!! So glad to get them back on!! Mike
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