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  1. Well, so far 5 coats, looks like we will be adding 3-4 more. Each wagon is a little different, the wood varies, and so does the weather. It all comes into play. As we add the varnish, some of the wood which is a different color than the piece next to it, tends to blend to a similar color. Wood is that way, you never know what color it is until it is shaped & sanded. Some pieces change color all in the same piece of wood. So, we just keep going until it looks right. On this particular wagon, the green is controversial, it is either loved or hated!! I didn't care for it when it arrived here, but it is growing on me!! Not that I would do one this color for myself!! We cannot wait to put it all back together to see how the wood will add or subtract to it!! Cheers, Mike
  2. It's been months, and no answer????
  3. Well, I got some oil for the shocks, but it is still sitting there...why don't they come with automatic installations??? I am too old for that, so I just have to catch an unspecting younger person to do the duty!! I have a few in mind, some easy, some require more work!! We'll see!!!! Mike
  4. You could have mentioned in your first post, it is a Ford!!! Would have saved me time!!
  5. Did you decide just who to trust??? Please fill me in, because there are some fraudulent folks out there. Cheers, Mike
  6. We recently did a 49 Super, with all new ash & mahogany wood. (This is what this one could possibly look like, done!!) Here are some pics of the one we did:
  7. I believe that this one is way too far gone... Spoken by a guy that is into Buick Woodies of the era, no less!! But, if somebody is ambitious, we can build all new wood for it, really. The sheet metal has to be taken care of first, though. Good luck, Mike
  8. Hard to say at this point, Keith, we usually go by how it looks. Usually it gets 4-7 coats to reach the right color, sometimes more. It depends how much sanding is required between coats, among other things..
  9. We are finally at the varnishing stage, first coat today.
  10. Oh dear, now I have to figure all the woods used on both of my Woodies!! But, thanks Restorer 32, for giving more info than was expected, it wakes me up!! The birch one was in better shape, but the ash one was pretty bad...awful in fact, as far as weathering. Add that to the fact I am not very good at identifying various woods by what trees donated them!! My third 1947 Buick Woodie, converted to a pickup has all custom new (at the time) wood, and I can identify the easy ones, but some are not so easy. Perhaps when sanded and revarnished it will be a wee bit easier, or not!! These pics probably don't help, I need to take some closeups!! OK, after varnishing!! By the way, the 8th pic shows the guy who sold it to me, Steve Smith, a great guy! Enjoy the holiday weekend, Mike
  11. Not much going on with the Woodies this weekend...just kicking back!! But progress will be made next week. Enjoy the holiday, I am!! Mike
  12. I cnnot wait to see your pics...just love these models!! Mike
  13. I have seen 1946-48 Buick Woodies with either white ash or birch. I have a pair of projects, one of each of the woods. I was just wondering which wood you selected, and what kind was on your original?
  14. We have also made progress on the green 1951 Super. Planning to actually finish the wood this or next week. Here are some pics from today: We will be starting the varnishing process soon, Mike
  15. Well, guys, I have found a local buyer for the 52 Roadmaster Estate Wagon project. He plans to do much of the work here, so pics & updates will be forthcoming. At some point, we will furnish a full set of wood for it. I am saddened at the loss, but really thrilled that it will not only be finished, but right before my eyes!! I will especially enjoy working on it, as the buyer is a good friend, and I have made my whole facility available to him. (I would do that for any Woodie lover, not very usefull if you are not local, though)!! He will be visiting in the next few days, and we will be moving it around in the shop soon. It is not in a good photogenic position now, but soon will be...numerous pics will be added then. This will allow me to make more progress on some of my other projects, so I will update on those also. Meanwhile, Alex & I have made good progress on the light green 51 Super, and plan to wrap it up next week. All of the wood is made, and about 85% fitted. I will brush the dust off my camera and get some pics soon.
  16. It has been a while since I have posted anything here, my bad!! I have been trying to keep up, but other things get in the way. All the Woodies are fine, and some progress has been made, but no pics to prove it as yet. I will try to add as I can. Hang in there, as I am trying to, Mike
  17. That looks to be the same one I saw back in the 1980's, in Santa Monica, CA.
  18. Oh, believe me, my eyes are wide open in that regard!! When I saw that one mentioned, I had no idea that they even existed, so it was a real eye opener!! My first experience with Terraplanes, was when I stumbled on a 4 door sedan, stashed behind a building for many years. I had pulled off a road I frequently traveled, due to fatigue, pulled up intending to get some much needed sleep. Then, I spotted the 4 door sedan 1937 Terraplane, and just woke up, wide awake!! Forget sleeping!!! I found the owner, nearby, quite easily, and we made a deal, but I would have to pick it up later, since my trailer wasn't with me. I returned shortly after to pick it up, but I had reservations... I truly loved the front half, but the back was "kind a dumpy looking"!! So I loaded it up & dragged it home, then started researching it. That introduced me to their truck offerings... Same front, better rear!!! But, never found any word about Woodies, until much later. I ended up reselling the sedan after I got up a pickup, and thoroughly enjoyed driving it around town. Which I was doing when I spotted the before mentioned Woodie!!! WOW!! A Woodie like this!!! I will try to post some pics of the truck, back then they were Kodak, hard copies, not easily loadable!! Any help here, in that regard, would wellappreciated...Mike
  19. You are correct for Los Angeles, but not for Santa Monica. You are right, Pico goes east - west, right to the coast. 24th Street is north - south in Santa Monica, just 24 blocks from the beach.
  20. Maybe it is now, but back then it wasn't bad at all. Just mostly businesses. But there were a lot of homeless around, though they wouldn't steal it, they would probably sleep in it!! It was gorgeous, imaging buying one new to go camping in... My first Woodie was a 46 Ford, and the fellow that sold it to me told me there is nothing like sleeping in it in a rainstorm!! I only shuddered!! And rechecked for wood rot!!
  21. Back in the 1980's I owned a 1937 Terraplane pickup, and enjoyed driving it around Santa Monica, CA, where I used to live. One day I was buzzing down Pico Blvd. around 24th St., and I spotted a 1937 Terraplane Woodie, the first and only one I have ever seen. It was in a fenced yard, and I could not raise anybody around, so returned the next day and it was gone!! It was a medium dark green, and looked recently restored, or a terrific original. When I returned the next day, I took my camera, but as before mentioned, it was gone, so no pics, sorry!!
  22. Thanks for the reminder, it clicked in my old memory. I will do a search on eBay to find some..."let your fingers do the walking" as my hips do not enjoy the alternative!! Thanks again, Mike
  23. Hey Kieth, chuckled incessantly to your reply!! So appropriate. When you need them, never there...when you don't need them they show up!! OK, I have been around, and have known some really good cops... They cannot be everywhere, even when they want to be. But, I was grateful that the sheriff was onto another wrong-doer, and not me!!! Which I was!! I will get it registered ASAP!! And then drive it around as much as possible!!! Now that it is running again!! Old Buicks...my favorites always!!! Mike
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