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  1. Sorry guys, I got a few doings that slowed me down, but am getting back on track now. I want to finish this post with finished pics of the Buick, leaving here under it's own power... We have made much progress, while I have been derelict to report, mostly with the extensive metal work, and also carving the wood. I added a more current pic than I'd shown, but it doesn't show much detail. Some pics will be forthcoming, soon (my camera croaked!!). Cheers, Mike
  2. I wrote a long reply to this, since my Dad had a 55 Jag roadster, which took me way back, thanks for that, I mean it took me back. Somehow it got lost, so I am keeping this one short. I never made the connection between the Jags to the Buicks, until I read your post, then it clicked. I will try to fill you in on Dad's 55 Jag Roadster... I always felt my knuckles would drag the ground if I let my arm hang down over that roadster door!! I am 6'1", or was in my youth...not sure these days!! But, they never did!! Enjoy your jag, I enjoyed my Dad's, probably more that he did!! Cheers, Mike (a British lad, through & through), but a Buick lover through & through, now, since I have been Americanized!!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and add your comment. It's never too late to get into a Woodie...wish I had got this involved sooner!! I hope you watched the videos that Alex brought to this link. We are making up the various blanks for most of the wood, bandsawing and laminating it ready for carving the actual shapes. Many blanks require 2 to 3 laminations, even with the 2-1/2 inch thick ash we buy for this gem. Alex wil be here tomorrow, Monday, and we will take some pics of the blanks along with its pattern, to show the before and after effect. I am sure Alex will want to video the carving process!!! Which will start soon. If Carl, the new owner shows up, we will try to include him in the process. We have a few days of rain forecast, and it is a hairy trip for him to make ...winding mountain roads, best left alone during rain. I hope all turned their clocks back that needed to, don't be late on Monday!! I turned all mine back, but still on the old timeline, Mike
  4. Greetings Ben, Would you mind telling me what "FWIW" stands for? Mike
  5. We have been making progress on the 52 Roadmaster, first tackling the floors. I was delighted to get my buddy Frank involved. I have a 50 Roadmaster sedan parts car (for my 50 Roadmaster wagon, down the line), which appeared to have a decent floor. We could see it had been previuosly patched, but looked OK. So, Frank removed it in two pieces, only then finding out when it was repaired before they made the top look good, but the bottom was a mess! Only more work, he tidied it up well, and has to finish patching bad ares that reared up when we sandblasted it. I am the white-haired guy watching, Frank is the worker.
  6. Regarding Al's 1953 Buick SKYMASTER Estate Wagon, I not only think it is a great idea, but see no real difficulties to do this. Since the picture is not of a real wagon, this would be the first or only one. I am not very familiar with the many details of a Skylark, so research is needed in this area. Hood portholes look like 1950 ones, available, add to 53 hood. Front fenders don't appear to be a problem, should bolt up. The rear door vent windows were last used on wagons in 1950, so they would have to be added if wanted. As far as the door & rear fender moldings, I think it would be easier to cut & weld original ones to fit the 4 door wagon. The Buick 2 door sedans share the same wheelbase as the wagons. The frames are the same, except for added strengthening on the X frame members for wagons, and convertibles. So, I presume the bodies are the same overall length. As for the rear fenders, I would leave that up to the metal worker to decide which fender to use, each would take quite a bit of modifying. The Skylark is a 2-door, so the rear "fender" is more like a rear quarter. But the horizontal crease mentioned on the rear fender also extends to the rear door. In looking at some Skylark pics, I think a Skylark rear quarter would work best, the front part could be used to smooth out the door skin. The rear wheel opening on the wagon looks to be considerably wider at the bottom. Everything seems doable to me, but let's go a little further... The picture only shows the side shot, what about the front & rear? The wood looks pretty stock to me...boring!! How about making 2 rear doors hinged on each side, to replace the tailgate & liftgate? Any other thoughts or ideas?? I added some pics of my 53 Super wagon, a perfect donor wagon for a project like this. It has the best floors of any wagon I have run into, only the front floors need a small amount of repair.
  7. A friend of mine got caught up in one of those shows that was going to finish his 1951 Buick Super Woodie in some rediculous time frame. He wound up with a lesser Woodie, not finished in anywhere near the intended time, amid all the bickering of the parties involved. A year later, he is still trying to correct all the wrongs they did, and the show was never aired!! A spoof would be easy, no??? I think it would also be easy to convince folks it was a spoof...er, well, maybe, HMMMMM!!
  8. Thanks, Rob, we are making good progress. We have purchased all or most of the new ash boards, and have been cutting it up for blanks to be carved. Meanwhile, Frank is welding up the horribly rusted out floors. Being a woodworker, it is fascinating to see him work the metal. I am derelect with pics, but will try to get my "you know what" in gear!! The best part of this endeavor is that most of the work will be done here, so that we can show it through all, until it's completely done. I will totally enjoy that, probably wishing I hadn't sold it, but If I hadn't, it would not move very fast, or at all!! So all is good...my main menu is to save Woodies, wish I could have them all, but I am not "The Donald"!! Not even close!! Cheers, Mike
  9. Yes, Kieth, Sequoia Cream is my favorite color, too. My '51 Super is done in that color, but most of the pics I add, it seems to wash out to white! There is one pic that shows the color reasonably, I will add it. Keep in mind, this one has restored, darker wood, not all new. However, the rear fenders had to be removed since this pic was shot. They need to be in place to fit the wood, but have to come off so that the fender welting can be added. It will be having the welting on soon, and the fenders, then the rear bumper & gravel sheilds, ect. My current camera seems better at keeping the colors more close to true, so future pics should be better in that regard.
  10. Keith, I also envy the man, Carl, a local Buick nut, who fell in love with it in its not-easily-loveable state!! A tremendous amount of credit has to go to him for taking on this project, but, he is sharp!! We are working on replacing the forlorn floor with one from a '50 Roadmaster sedan parts car i have, and I'll get some pics soon to show that process. I had the exciting experience of finding out that a good friend is not only capable of this floor work, but is actually an expert!!! So, we all learn at any age!! (And, I have a 1950 Roadmaster Woodie project that I am keeping my eye on for him!!) Carl picked up a '52 Roadmaster sedan as a donor car, and also to help keep the Woodie authentic. It will arrive sometime this or next week, not sure yet. I will update with pics soon, Mike
  11. Thriller, I have a sweet '53 Super I want to sell, due to too many projects, and not enough years left!! That's why I sold the '52 Roadmaster, a true keeper, otherwise!! I sold it to a Buick lover, and he is restoring it here, something I couldn't afford to do, but at least I get to see it progress!! And so another one is saved, my true goal. Back to the '53... It needs a full restoration, but the floors are the best of any of the Buicks I have seen here, and I am in CA!! Only the front floors need a little help, and I have the panels to do it, included. I also have been collecting parts for it, also included. It needs all new wood, but the metal work, paint, etc. needs to be done first. I can handle all the needs, floors, paint, wood, but there is a lot of reassembly left after that, to be honest. So you need to realize that.. Hey, 1953 was Buick's last year of a true Woodie with real structural wood, and the first year of their V8, not to mention their 50th anniversary. So any '53 is unique to that theme. No pics yet, but I'll get off my butt and add some ASAP!! Thanks for taking the time to read all!!
  12. Well, we had to make a major shift in the shop today, involving pushing (whew) three Woodies outside. (These are heavy!!) One of them was the green 51, so we made it a point to get some outside, sunny shots... But, to me, still the same!!! Not much difference... Don't you agree?? I think that more chrome & stainless trim will help, but still not sure just how much. The owner loves the color, well to each his own! Meanwhile, we are making some progress on the 52 Roadmaster, mostly metal work, repairing the floors. I will try to add pics later, my comp is in a tizzy fit right now, and won't let me!! Alex & I will trek down to L.A. to drop off some chrome work, & pick up some ash boards on Thursday, so we will be working away on the wood soon. Adding pics & videos as we do. I have connections for getting show quality chrome work done, only the best for Woodies! By the way, I had a stainless restoration shop, in the Los Angeles area for 14 years, and still have the equipment, and the knowhow is in my head...not so much my older body!!. I am too decrepit to do much here, but I know my stuff!! And, I would love to teach some youngster how to do it...any takers??? I now have a metal man, who is a whiz at floor work, which seems to be needed for most Woodies, so if we can help your project, come aboard!! Cheers, Mike
  13. Thanks Rob, you are always full of compliments...they help us get through the tough times, believe me!! We will be making progress soon on the title 1952 Roadmaster Woodie, since it is now sold to a fella that wants to move on it. And seems to be able to afford it, unlike me!! There is extensive metal work needed, mostly the floors, I will try to keep you updated. Meanwhile, Alex and I will be making all new wood for it, too. The new owner wants it "Sequoia Cream", not unlike my '51 Super in "Old Ivory". I enjoy those colors, way better than greens...HMMMMM, wonder why!! LOL
  14. When it gets picked up, hopefully soon, I will try to remember to post some pics of it outside. Hopefully it will see sunshine then.
  15. By the way, although the wood is virtually the same from 1950-1952, and almost the same in 1953, there was a change. Not in the wood, but in the hardware. There are two robust steel brackets in the upper rear corners in all of them. But the 1950 model ones are shorter, and missing the bolt going through the rear post that the later ones have. Also, there is a steel brace on the 51-53 at the bottom of same rear post, making me think that the 50's had a squareness problem, when in use. This must have shown up in the first year, since changes were added to the 51 year model. I will try to take some pics to show the differences, but none now. Mike
  16. Ok, varnishing stage is almost complete. We just need more sanding & spraying on the upper & lower tailgates, not quite right just yet, but close. We assembled them anyway to take some pics. This makes about 8-11 coats so far on all the wood. The wood seems to tone down the "green", do you agree? I think when all the side stainless is added and the huge amount of chrome is added front & rear, that will help also!! But we are done when the wood is done!!! (Phew!!!)
  17. Thanks for noting this difference, I have two 1947 Buick Woodies, but no other steel models, so I never realized the difference. On a sad note, though, that means two Woodies bit the dust, giving up your dashes!!
  18. You not only "may ask", but can do so without quotes!! The only differences I know of is the '53 had different rear fenders, so the wood had to fit this different shape. Otherwise 1950-1952 is typically the same, since sheet metal stayed the sme, basically. 1953 is the same exept for the afore mentioned rear fender treatment, By the way, I am offering up for sale a great Woodie project, a 1953 Super Woodie, and would gladly oblige to make an all new wood set for it. it is a California rust free wagon. If any interest is shown, I can add pics... (Too lazy to do it now!!) Gotta go out there and get some!! Meanwhile, here are some pics of a '51 we built all new wood for, just before the varnishing stage. We are varnishing it now, for about a week or so, will add pics of it done.... Keep watching! Cheers, Mike
  19. I can fit the wood, what would you want for the wood set you have made? I mean it would make things go quicker for me. Call me at 661 766 9141, anytime...I live in my shop!!
  20. Well, I got some Hydraulic jack oil, thanks for the reminder, keiser31, but haven't added it yet. Will do so soon, and fill you in. It still insn't registered, but I know I need to do it...cannot enjoy it, truly, until it can be driven without having to look over my shoulder!! LOL
  21. I see you have a '50 Woodie, my favorite year!! I just love the one year only grille!! I have a '50 Roadmaster major project that I would love to get done, but so many things get in the way!! Maybe, some day...
  22. As we progress on the object of this thread, the '52 Roadmaster Wagon, we will keep you informed. As a recap: I sold it in its present condition to a local fellow Buick Woodie lover, and he is planning to do much of the work here. So we will be showing it soon. He and a buddy are planning to come here next week to weld up the rotted floor. He is anxious to get started, but we have been holding him off as we varnish the '51. Varnishing doesn't mix well with other doings!!
  23. No way is that green an authentic Buick color!! This one is a '51, but it wasn't offered in '53 either!! They were also not two-toned, but all one color (note the white roof on this green '51). We added more coats since, but I will only post pics when done with the varnishing. Keith, thanks for the kind words, but I have to admit, Alex, my partner, needs credit for most of this work.
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