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  1. In reference to a switch pitch, I've decided to go a different route with mine. I grabbed one of Bruce Roe's switch pitch controllers. Going to try and install it this summer and see how it performs. You can find a lot of information about this on v8buick.com or simply do a search for 'Bruce Roe switch pitch' and it will bring up quite a bit of info. Basically it's a small electronic box that monitors vacuum, braking, kick down, and introduces changes in the stator based on the parms set. You will need a separate switch for kickdown, but the box completely takes over the switch pitch.
  2. My '63 has a mechanical and electric pump on it. It starts very easily. I've read a bit on running both inline and as long as you have a regulator on the pressure it seems to be ok. Keep in mind I'm not exactly Mr. Experience here, but just sharing what I have. I've owned my riv for about a year now.
  3. Thank you Steve, I'll check them out.
  4. Thank you both...I have someone that would work with me for tires, but there is no one in my area that will work with wheels. There is only one shop locally that I am aware of that has wheels and they were fairly clueless when I went in and spoke with them. I am hoping to find a place on the net to work with me. I'll try and contact someone at Coker. As far as I can tell, my car is fairly stock in the wheel/lift department. I know some new springs were put in at one point but apparently they went for stock. I wouldn't mind a wider back tire, but I am in no way interested in doing any heavy modification. Something that just bolts on is the ultimate goal here.
  5. I wanted to try a more classic hot rod look for my '63 Rivera. I happened across this picture online: 1963 Riviera - Marina, CA, KCRA 3 u local Community Photo - u local, Your Sacramento Photos & Videos I was wondering if anyone could identify those wheels for me? Also, any advice on what size tires to run? From all my reading, I just need wheels that fit on a 5 x 5 bolt pattern with a 3 3/8" center? The problem is I don't really understand backspacing or if there will be any other problems involved with bolting them on. Is there anyplace I can just tell them what I have and they could help match these up? Very sorry for all the questions. I've read a ton of threads on selecting wheels and the more I read the less I know. lol...I'm just looking for a classic hot rod chrome look. I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a local shop that can really help me with this.
  6. Well...I'll assume I shouldn't worry too much about it then. Perhaps I should just drive a lot more.
  7. I've driven my Riv somewhat infrequently and decided to take it out last weekend. It worried me greatly when, what appeared to be oil shot out of the tailpipes. I immediately decided to pull the plugs and do a compression test. I let the engine warm up and, pulled the oil cap to see if there was anything spitting out of there, nothing that I could see was blowing out. Pulling the plugs they were all darkened somewhat, but to me they don't look that bad. I'm not sure when they were changed last, but I will obviously be putting in new plugs now. A compression test showed: #1 175.5 #2 176.5 #3 165.5 #4 168.5 #5 169 #6 173.5 #7 173 #8 175.5 To me this looked really good. The engine is modified slightly and has always run like a champ. Now when starting it up for the warm up there appeared to be condensation in the pipes. The pipes also have black powder on the insides...so I'm wondering the car just isn't running way to rich perhaps? Is there anything I should look at to be safe? I DO not want to drive the car if I could be stressing something out within the engine. The car sounds fine, purrs for the most part. Thank you.
  8. Wonderful looking car! Any chance I can send you mine for 3 years and let you work on it?
  9. Then if I pop in the wood panels, keep the aluminum ribbed stuff on the dash and replace the seats I would be looking at an original interior for the most part? I appreciate everyone chiming in. I am thinking of a custom look for the car at some point but going to try and make everything easily reversible in case I ever need to sell. The interior being more original would fit my goal.
  10. That looks great! Btw what are my options for the doors? Seems a little odd to have woodgrain with the metal look on the dash. Were these two put together? I'm going to order some samples from clarks to see how close everything is.
  11. Mitch, The car was owned by a ROA member at one time, name of David James. It is out of San Clara and San Jose area. Looks like some people owned it in Pueblo West CO from 68 until about 2007 and then it was sent to David in CA. David then transferred it to a Mr. Edmunds. It drives so straight it's scary...and the engine is rock solid. I'm fighting a bit with the wiring but otherwise it's mechanically very sound. I have a ton of paper on it, but most of the work was from around 2007 and then basically it looks like nothing much was done. Any additional info you have would be very helpful.
  12. I'm going to hold on to that idea. I think that might be the way to go. I'll order a white sample from clarks and see how close it matches.
  13. My two main problems with the current interior are that it isn't completely original and it is HARD to keep clean. The pictures look a lot better than the interior does close up in person. This white just reaches out and grabs dirt, oil, grunge, you name it. Are there any recommend cleaning products or protecting agents for this white? No covering in clear plastic is not reasonable.
  14. Jim, I'm interested. $15 to the 63riv comcast net address then?
  15. Ed, Previous owner replaced the steering wheel with a smaller aftermarket model. I'll try and post a few shots of the interior tomorrow...probably should have just taken a few when I was out there. At this point I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do with the car, so the more discussion I get into about it the more my ideas solidify.
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