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  1. a wad of cash would be real nice thank you very much and i've listed it cheaper than you offered so, your its your loss if you don't want to bid and if it sells for more them my gain.
  2. hi guys, if intreasted i have listed some of these badges on ebay.ca good luck if you end up bidding.
  3. i will sell, but i know that these are very collectable now and prices are high, can send photo if you send email address then you can tell me how much you willing to pay , will be putting on ebay soon
  4. I have the following badges and i believe they were tags to get into the parks, I would like some history and information on these items, the values would be nice are these collectible and should i clean them? they are Aluminium and brass and of pressed sheet. Canada's National parks Buffalo 1933,34,35,36,37,38,39. National park beaver round 1938 snr beaver 1933,34,35 and a Banff buffalo national park centennial 1885-1995 Thanks Guys.
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