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  1. Hello Bob, you helped me out a while back with a tray problem that I had on my 1949 Chrysler Royal. Now I have a new problem. I need to replace the throw out bearing. I already took the tray and the throw out bearing. How do I remove the throw out bearing?
  2. Hello guys, I have a 1949 Chrysler Royal. I've owned it for a couple of years and I am still learning new things on it all the time. I am trying to take the rear hubs off to check the brakes. Which way do the bearing nuts turn to remove them?
  3. Bob, thanks again for all your help. I changed the clutch on my 49 Chrysler and the car is working great. Now the clutch doesn't slip any more. When I step on the gas the clutch grabs really good. I just took it to a car show that was about 45 minutes away from home and the car worked great. Thanks for all the information that you shared with me. Juan.
  4. Hello again Rusty. Rusty I followed yours and Bob Calls Advice about checking the slippage on my 1949 Chrysler Royals clutch. It was the clutch. I replaced it and now the car works fine (for its age, considering it's still all original). Thanks for yours and Bobs help on this. Much appreciated. Rusty, do you by any chance know where the stop light brake switch is at on these cars? My lights turn on but they do not flash when I step on the brake. Thanks again for your help. Juan
  5. Bob, thanks for all the information that you provided me with. It was very helpful. After doing everything that you suggested, I took the clutch out to check it out and sure thing, it was the clutch. I took it to Clutch Masters and they rebuilt it for me. Now the car is driving very well. While I had the tranny out, I also took the hand brake to get it realigned. Thanks for the time you took to answer my questions.
  6. Thankyou Bob, I will do that. There's a tractor store near by. I will go there tomorrow. I appreciate the info, it's been of great help.
  7. Thanks a lot Bob, Commodore and Rusty. I really appreciate your input. As far as the ISO-32 tractor fluid, I could not find it at Wal-Mart or at some of the auto part stores. What I did find is a fluid that is called Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil. It did not say anything about being an ISO 32 or 10W motor oil. Would this fluid be the same? Thanks.
  8. Bob, thanks for replying. Much appreciated. I'll start by telling you that I already had my experience with the filler plug falling into the bottom of the bell housing. It was a bear trying to get it out. I will check the oil level again and clutch linkage first but lets say that the clutch has to be replaced, can these clutches be bought at a clutch parts store? Or is it a hard part to find for these cars?
  9. Since this conversation is about the Fluid Drive Transmission, my 1949 Chrysler Royal's transmission is slipping when it's going up hill. Does any one have any advice on how to fix this problem? Or can any one give me any advice on rebuilding the trany? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have a 1949 Chrysler Royal and the Trany is starting to slip when it's going up hill. Does any one have any advice on who to trust to work on a fluid drive transmission?
  11. Thanks for the info Rusty much appreciate it. I will try that this afternoon. Juan.
  12. Hello Doug, my name is Juan. I was reading the message that you posted about the Fluid Drive trannys. You were explaining on where to find the Fluid Drive fill plug. I recently bought a 1949 2 door Chrysler Royal and I'm still trying to figure out a lot about this car. It's a fun car to drive . It is still a very complete car considering its age. Everything is still original on the car, but anyways, I took the fill plug off of theFluid Drive unit and while I was taking it off it fell into the unit. Do you have any suggestions on how to take it out? any suggestions would help out a grea
  13. Rusty, thanks for the past info. I found the plug for the Fluid Drive in my 49 Chrysler. But, as I was taking the plug off it fell inside the Fluid Drive unit. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it out? I stuck a magnet in there hoping that I could locate it but didn't have any luck. Any suggestions would help out a great deal. Thankyou.
  14. Doed anybody out there know how to adjust the hood on a 49 Chrysler? Mine seams to be pushed towards the front of the car about a 1/2" and it's causing it to not close all the way. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Rusty. Do you know what the other plugs besides these are for?
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