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  1. Dear Dagmars, I have a right rocker molding for 41 Buick Super it has never been on a car I bought it as NOS it is in excellent condition, it is 83 inches in length, I paid $175.00 for it , I will take that for it plus shipping. pastorcccat@aol.com
  2. The 41 Buick fender for the special is that fender the same as the one for a Super 4 dr sedan?
  3. These bezels have been re-chromed and are excellent I thought they would fit my 41 Buick Super sedan and didn't realize they fit a different 41 model. These are the part numbers 5931720 RH 5931719 LH
  4. I need a driver side rocker molding for 1941 Buick super 4 dr sedan, I'm not exactly sure what yours are . The one I need is 80 and a half inches long and the front is a spear head. Send me some more info.
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