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  1. I had two cars in the show, got there early, whatever rain we experienced was a minor nuisance. I thought the show went well considering...........
  2. For those who were unable to attend the awards ceremony will the car show results be posted online?
  3. Well, I guess I'll miss the big fun of working in a rolling trailer. Busted butt and got it to this point with days to spare. Still need to restore or buy some nice dog dish caps and the picture tells me I need to align that door molding!
  4. Thanks for the comeback. So basically as long as it doesn't say HALOGEN on the lens it's considered period?
  5. Are these Philips Non-Halogen bulbs considered "period correct" for a 1963 Ford?
  6. Excited is a good word. The fact that my car looks like this with just over two weeks to go could qualify as "exciting"......:-)
  7. Man, you've got that right! I'm 60 miles southwest and it seems like it's been raining everyday for about six weeks! There must have been a few sunny days in between because I was able to cut the grass. Looks like maybe showers on Wed but nice from then on. Hoping, hoping, fingers crossed,etc.......
  8. Looking for sunshine! I didn't even go to Carlisle, I bet you guys had a TON of fun!
  9. Loaded up yesterday between the rain drops. The '70 GTO is in the trailer to go to the Car Corral early Wednesday morning. I live only 60 miles from Hershey so I'll be "commuting". Bright and early Saturday morning I will take the '62 Ford Convertible to his first AACA National Meet. Just finished it up on Saturday and put the final spiff on it, just in time!
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