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  1. Thank you! Would you like to venture a date, if not a precise year, a "not before" suggestion?
  2. I am coming back to this picture after having found an original photograph. On this one, I can detect three different models, the very last one to the right is a much larger car, probably assigned to the manager of the sales department. Can anyone bring me more precision about models and dates? Many thanks in advance. Georges
  3. Thank you. Most appreciated.
  4. Thanks all! Much appreciated.
  5. Many thanks for the comments. The drivers of those cars, which can be barely seen, where the sales representatives of a stove and furnace foundry in Montmagny, Quebec. They are shown parked across the main building, in front of the manufacture's owner's house. It is now a retirement home. Knowing the date of the cars more precisely would help. I will try to find a better picture.
  6. Many thanks for all your comments. Here is the companion picture: the first one is my father, yes it took a while to lace those boots; the second is that of his first wife, and that was her car.
  7. This is not a good picture, but perhaps the cars are recogniseable: Ford T? Thanks, Georges
  8. For this photo, I also have a date to go by: 1924. Could someone venture a guess or more? Thanks, Georges
  9. Here is another car picture. The date on the photo is 1924. I am told its a roadster by Chrysler. Any views? Georges
  10. Hello! Can someone identify the car showed in the attached photograph dated 1921? Thanks, Georges
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