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  1. Hi I am building a 37 Plymouth pt50 rat rod truck I have installed 20 inch tires on the rear (not tubbed). I was trying to find rear fenders that were wide enough but still looked like they belonged to the truck..So I decided to bolt both rear fenders together to cover one wheel. I now need two more rear fenders for the other side...My question is what other year Plymouth truck and what year dodge trucks have the same fenders?......are fargo trucks the same? Where I live the vehicles need to be fendered. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me what shocks (front and rear) i can buy for my truck.... Brand name and model # , cause i don`t think I can find original
  3. Thank you I believe your right .they are for the rear of rear.
  4. Hi ply33. Ok...What I think your telling me is that this part is for the front of the rear leaf springs.i have bought all spring shackles,hangers and bushings. except for the front of the rear springs for my PT50..So these are what I need????
  5. Hi, Could anyone tell me if this spring shackle bushing Mopar part #939717.is for the front of the rear leaf spring.and will it fit a 37 plymouth PT50. Thanks
  6. Thank you. This forum and its members have saved me some money more that a few times....:)
  7. Hi, I know there is a differance between a 37 plymouth car grille and truck grille.(I think the truck grille is longer). does any one know the measurements of either grille. Thanks
  8. Thanks again. There is always ebay..it has not let me down yet...
  9. Thank you...hate buying parts i don`t need..You wouldn`t know where i could get a gas tank for my truck. thanks
  10. Hi, i am wondering if any one could look up these mopar part #`s for me and tell me if these will fit a 1937 plymouth PT50. Frame front spring hangers, Mopar part number 665311 and 665310 Thanks Steve
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me if 1937 dodge car backing plates would fit a 1937 plymouth PT50 truck.I don`t want to buy them if they will not fit. Thanks Steve<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me if 1937 dodge car backing plates would fit a 1937 plymouth PT50 truck.I don`t want to buy them if they will not fit. Thanks Steve
  13. Hi, So the dodge windshield frame will fit as well...My email address is smacinnis@nbpower.com Thanks Steve
  14. Well since we are on the subject of looking up..Does your book/cd tell you what windshield frame will fit a 37 PT50..will other years or car fit ......These are the only 2 parts that I need right now. Thanks Steve
  15. I am looking for a rear brake drum for a 1937 plymouth PT50 halfton.Does anyone know where I may find one. thanks Steve
  16. Hi I own a 1937 plymouth pt50 half ton. i am looking for info on a rear brake drum. i have a chance to buy one but am not sure if it will fit. The parts # is 691869 he says it will fit the rear of 1937 to 1948 plymouth`s cars .Are the car drums and truck drums the same .my truck has a 201 cu in straight six...Don`t want to buy a boat anchor. thanks Steve
  17. Hi, I have a 1937 plymouth pt50 halfton im restoring.does anyone have a hollander interchange manual that would tell me what year will fit,and will a car grille fit it or am i going to have to find a 37 truck grille. Thanks Steve
  18. Hi, i have a 1937 plymouth pt50 that I am restoring (having restored) Will a brake drum from the front of a 1938 dodge fit the rear of a 37 plymouth..i don`t want to buy them (at the other end of the country) only to find that they don`t fit. thanks Steve
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