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  1. Hi Terry, If you still have the 57-58 Plymouth service manual and the 39 Chrysler supplement, I'll take them. Please figure shipping to 10933 Eaton Rd Oakdale, CA 95361 Let me know and how you want the money. thank you
  2. Interesting this thread popped up after a 13 year hiatus. We just re-acquired our Royal Windsor Hayes coupe after selling it in 1989. There are 12 documented survivors thus far of the original 1,000 allegedly made in 39. Anyone know of any others?
  3. Will be parting out over the course of the next couple weeks and whatever is left will go to scrap unfortunately. Let me know what you may need
  4. 89 TC for parts with many extras. 400 obo and delivery included within 80 miles of 95361. Can store up to a month after completed sale. Willing to consider just selling some of the parts but would like to have it all go at once. I had 3 TC's and enjoyed driving 2 of them. This one and the extra parts I collected as I came upon them. I do have a title for this one. Many extra parts from a burgundy TC found in a wrecking yard a few years back. Extra headrests in nice shape, extra carpeting, windows and motors, seat motors, 2 complete Teves brake units, extra stainless, dash parts, all glass in car is good, extra glass, rear taillight with emblem, air boxes for T2 motor, speakers, 2 computers for T2, extra mirrors, extra grill, console with pad. Make me an offer on car or parts, preferably all of it. Bill 209-402-6167
  5. What DMV office did you go to and is your vehicle insured as a collector car? A 73 Van can certainly qualify but we want to be certain we are in line with the spirit of the statute. What do you intend to use the van for?
  6. Agreed there are some inconsistencies in the code and many other "oddities". Why is a 16 cylinder car specifically mentioned or some other opposing descriptions. Per Jack, that happened after the DMV staff wrote the statutes and some wanted to allude to their cars(someone apparently had a Cadillac or Marmon). I sure do miss Jack but call Mona occasionally to say hi. Though I did get his Travco that he used to get one of his Pierce-Arrow's from back east and has a picture of it in Buffalo in front of the factory in the book written about him. When I first started doing this, I asked Jack what the original intent was and then reviewed what I interpreted the statutes meaning to be with a few of the higher ups with the DMV. I still have the email chain from our agreed upon mutual interpretation and have had to refer new DMV staffers to it since the original ones have retired. So I have what I believe is a great basis for being insistent and consistent with the application of these statutes. Have had no issues with any LEO on these interpretations either. Thankfully, those of us with old cars are not typically profiled as a bad element types. We do need to ensure this is not too broadly interpreted and abused though IMHO.
  7. Updated links for this code use. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=4604. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=5004. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=5051. The DMV has continued to be less and less inclined to interpret this properly and each person is subjected to the whims of the field office or the clerk. However, if you can decipher these correctly and remain calm and respectful but insistent, you will prevail every time. I am not responsible for your efforts to use or mis-use this code. All I can say is that if used in the above stated manner, it will work. I have been used and abused, to put it mildly, since I have posted this as an aid to my fellow collectors in attempting to find some sanity in this states approach to their own code. I will continue to help those I can but the moment you become a disrespectful ass or expect me to assist you beyond this general info for free, I will leave you to it. Bill Oakdale 209-402-6167 xdmn@yahoo.com
  8. I have not posted here in a while. However, this continues to be very important. I am a director with the Association of California Car Clubs and Collectors. www.acccdefender.org We are THE watchdog organization for all car folks in CA and have been since 1971 when we were concerned that CARB would be overstepping it's authority, among other things. We can assist when citing this code or applying it. Most DMV clerks are unaware of it or unclear with how it is supposed to be applied. When presented properly, we have never lost a case where the vehicle is supposed to be exempt by statute from non op fees. As long as it has not been on the road, there should be no penalties. We are also reviving the discussion and legislation on moving the smog exemption up to 1980 in CA. Let us know if you would like to get involved please. Will need all the help we can get. Hope to be able to get SEMA on board as well. Seems like a good time to promote this since every classic car enthusiast should be engaged with regards to what the recent re-interpretation by the EPA of altering your own vehicle. Bill Adams xdmn@yahoo.com
  9. Looks like I need to update the links on this as the CA DMV has changed the web address or something. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/vctop/vc/d3/c1/a5/4604 https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/vctop/vc/d3/c1/a8/5004 https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/vctop/vc/d3/c1/a8.3/5051
  10. You have to make the same argument each time as you are always going against the grain on this. Every time I can convince a collector to stick to their guns on this, we win as the code is on our side. Please contact me via this forum or at xdmn@yahoo.com and I will help you with this.
  11. Most other states do not charge back penalties for cars. You do have the option of filing a certificate of non-operation though if the car will not be on the road. We do have the exemption for smog requirements on pre 1975 cars so that helps to offset the negatives here in CA
  12. It may indeed cause someone to store the car for long periods of time without registering it, which is the requirement in CA if it is used on the road. If you are going to store a car you own and it will not be on the road, you should file the required non-op form. The cost is minimal. One of the keys to keeping and using this statute is to not abuse it. Or use it as it was unintended. However, we find that for the most part, collectors are unaware of these statutes altogether.
  13. there is a separate code for custom built cars. they issue 500 new VIN's per year for newly constructed vehicles. Hot rod and modified vehicles ARE eligible to fall under this code as long as the vehicle fits the 25 years old or older part. Again, DMV is not and should not be in the business of determining what is collectible. We should be careful not too abuse this though. Bill Adams 209-402-6167
  14. -QUOTE=58Mustang;1366821]I see no mention of originality in the above statutes. Only age and historic interest is mentioned. Age is the main factor in dealing with this(25 yrs old and older or a model of which there were less than 2500 sold in CA in a model year). The DMV should not be(nor are they) in a position to tell anyone what is collectable and what is not. There are people out there collecting and restoring Pinto's for heavens sake. I deal with this issue almost weekly and I can assure anyone out there, the law and the statues are on our side. In no case have I ever lost this argument with the DMV. You just have to be willing to escalate it to me or know the DMV code good enough to show them what is correct. Just last week I was on the phone with a 17 year DMV employee at the phone center and a supposed expert on this statute that was telling me there was some magical list of "collectible" vehicles that DMV maintained. There is no such list. Bill 209-402-6167
  15. Have a friend with a 41 Windsor with Fluid Drive and the vacumatic trans looking to get the torque converters re-done. They need the pressed in bearing repaired or replaced. There are some carbon bushings and he has some reproduced ones already. Everyone I have spoken to thus far has never had to have the torque converters worked on. Any help or assistance on where to look or whom to talk to would be appreciated.
  16. viewed many of them at the WPC/DeSoto national convention in Lake Elmo, MN this last weekend. Magnificent, all of them. Hope you guys have a great meet.
  17. what's the color combo Ray? Got any pics? Is that a total of less than 9k original miles total on the car or just since you have owned it?
  18. 62 Imperial 4 dr runs and drives excellent as a 33,000 mile car should 62 Imperial - a set on Flickr car was sitting in a storage shed for 16 years. Purchased from original family. Has never been sold other than new. Excellent documentation. Have original canceled check to purchase car along with service records and registrations going back to 1963. Documented and certified original 33K miles. In excellent shape with no seriousrust or corrosion. A few spots of surface rust, can see in pics. Interior has age cracks on drivers seat but SMS fabrics out of Oregon has the original material available. Will include samples they sent to me. All chrome and stainless is superb. Car drives and rides magnificently. Power windows and seat works great. Original paint shined up nicely although it is very thin as was common back then. All is original except for hoses and belts that were replaced for normal maintenance. More pictures available as well as photos of all original documentation upon request. $14,000 obo Bill Adams 209-402-6167 or xdmn@yahoo.com car has been in California all it's life and currently is in Oakdale, CA
  19. Indeed they do. Working on a 42 New Yorker and they are all smooth, no lettering.
  20. Thanks for lending your insight to everyone that did. This is not regarding an AACA club but since I am a member, I figured this was an old argument that surely some of you have dealt with from time to time. I got what I asked for, added perspective. I do think that over time, as numbers naturally diminish, we will all have to slowly but surely come together as car enthusiasts to be perhaps fewer, but stronger as well. AACA has the structure and horsepower to do just, when the time comes. When I meet with clubs on behalf of ACCC(Association of California Car Clubs and Collectors), the biggest concern I hear is "what will happen to our cars and our hobby when we go to the great wrecking yard in the sky?" As I said, those of us left to carry the torch will just have to get better at advocating for our hobby. I'm no spring chicken any more myself(42) but I am concerned as well with the attrition rate of some of these older clubs like the one I am involved with.
  21. I think if you get the right antique car insurance, some don't dictate when or how you can enjoy your cars. Only that you must have at least one car that is insured as a normal daily driver. I enjoy driving everything I have that is driveable. This is generally dictated by the weather. This time of year it gets rather warm so on days over 90, I end up driving my regular car(truck) as it has great A/C. I do drive my collectible cars whenever possible though. That to me, is the point of owning and enjoying them.
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