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  1. Hello Sir, I have sinse learned that my "unknown" engine is a 1940 or 1941, The multi piece crank is actually a regular crank with Welch Plugs. It is so neatly machined that with the plugs installed it looks like it's several pieces machined and fit together. I am in Fort Smith Arkansas. I don't have any parts that I am interested in selling at this time. I don't know where you could find a crank for your engine. You may try to chat with PEECHER on this site. He commented on this post. He may be able to help you find the crank,and he is full of knowledge on these motors. goood luck, Stay in touch, I am very interested in what people are doing with these motors. Jamie.
  2. Peecher, Thanks for the message, My email is jamie.boyster (at) yahoo.com
  3. I have done a lot of investigating, I have learned a lot about these engines and all the shortfalls in the overall design. The engine I WILL build will be used as a daily driver and will likely be driven about 20K miles per year. This is my plan so far, Please review this and tell me what you think and add anything I may not know about. Thanks, Jamison. 1945 292CID V-12. Using repair sleeves reduce the bore to the 2-3/4 size of the 267 engine but use a .040 over piston that will put my overall displacement at 275.1CID. ( still don't know for sure if the wrist pin is the same, Stroke is the same) Valve reliefe, .050" Aluminum pistons Balance the rotating assembly Replace the entire valve train with V-8 solid adjustable lifters, One piece guides, standard size valves, and have the cam reground as needed HERE's the part that I am considering a drastic change on: I plan to eliminate the oil pump all together, plug the hole, and use a Hydraulic pump mounted externally as an oil pump. Running two lines to either end on the engine and feeding oil from both ends of the crank so that neither end is starved. I wonder if anyone has ever done anything like this to a V-12 before? I will build custom headers to eliminate the restrictive manifolds. Please, If you have any input I am very interested in what you think. This engine is not intended for high HP output. I will be putting it in a '30 Model A pickup and driving it as a primary source of transportation. Thanks for reading and Have a Great day. Jamison.
  4. I have two engines, One is build date 9-11-45, The other may possibly be a '47 or '48? DETAILS: Both engines are 292CID. Both have three swelled out spots along each side that are very visible with the oil pan removed, and visible but not real noticeable with the pan on. These swells have what looks like freeze plugs in the bottom on the pan gasket surface. On the '45 model the swells are two different sizes, the ones on each end are smaller than the middle one, The plug sizes are aproximately 4 each at 1" diameter. (I did not measure them that's a guess) and 2 each at 1-1/4" possibly. On the other engine the three swells on EACH side are all the same size and smaller than the ones on the '45 model at about 3/4" freeze plugs. Can anyone tell me the difference and if one is better than the other? Thanks very much, Jamison.
  5. I have two engines, One is build date 9-11-45 and it has the traditional style Crankshaft and Flywheel. The other is build date unknown, I believe it's possibly a '47 model because the bearings appear to have a date on them (8-47). This engine has a multi-piece crankshaft, It's several pieces machined and fit together. The flywheel looks more like a Clutch pressure plate than a Flywheel. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My Question: Which is better? Is this crank or flywheel junk? and anything I may need to know to use them for standard duty, long life? Thanks in advance, Jamison. P.S. both engines are 292CID.
  6. Hello all, I am new here. I have two v-12's one is build date 9-11-45 and has the traditional type Crank and Flywheel. The other is a '48 model I think, The crank is several pieces put together and has a flywheel that looks more like a pressure plate. My question is, What is the difference? Whats better? and will the parts enterchange? For instance, I was hoping to trade the cranks between the two motors because one really needs rebuilt and the other can be cleaned up and ran but ONLY if the cranks will trade out. Thanks very much in advance. Jamison. <DL id=profile10535 class=postprofile><DT>Any help would be greatly appreciated. </DT></DL>
  7. Edit post Delete post Report this post Reply with quote Rebuilding a V-12 '46 model by Jamisonboyster » Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:57 am Hello All, I am new here and I had a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I have two V-12's, I want to totally rebuild one of them. I have done a lot of homework and I'm very aware that this will cost me around $7000. It seems worth it to me. This is my plan and I hope for some opinions about what I intend to do. Engine DOB 9-11-45, displacement 292CID. Keep in mind that I am not after HP, I want life expectancy Put Ductile Iron repair sleeves in all cylinders, reduce finished bore to the 267 piston at .040 over for a running CID of 275.1. Valve relief of .050" increase the oil holes in the crank by about 50% and chamfer them all new valves/lifters/guides/springs/the entire thing, using solid lifters that are adjustable (V-8 type) and regrind cam to stock for solids custom headers instead of manifolds Balance the rotating assembly Now to the strange part, this is a plan so bear with me on this, Block off the oil pump spot in the engine, add a oil pickup to allow oil for a external oil pump. Use a hydraulic pump mounted with a belt drive as an auxiliary oil pump, drill and tap two holes on either end of the block to oil the crank from both ends so that oil does not have to travel all the way down the crank to lube the engine, It will go and meet in the middle. Please feel free to give me input on any aspect of what I plan to do with this engine, I am very interested in knowing what has been done to other motors and what did and did not work. This engine will be a daily driver when it's completed. I hope to be driving it by mid-summer next year. ALSO: Any suggestions to get this motor more fuel efficient would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for reading this and have a great day. Jamison.
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