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  1. <article id="pagecontainer"><header class="bchead">0 favorites ∨ ∧ <button class="back"><</button> </header><section class="body"><section class="dateReplyBar"> [?] <aside class="flags"> </aside><date title="1376422174000"></date> </section>1901 Oldsmobile Replicar - $3500 (Moneta,Va) <section class="userbody"><figure class="iw"> </figure><section id="postingbody"> For sale 1901 curved dash oldsmobile replicar. All hand made. Has 15 h.p. B&S engine F&R tranny. tiller steeri
  2. Can anyone please tell me what weight grease to use in an old three speed cushman tranny?
  3. Can anyone tell me what weight gear oil to use in a cushman 3 spd. tranny.?
  4. Can someone help! trying to upload photos but, keep getting UPLOAD ERROR INVALID FILE. Appreciate any help, Gepp
  5. Thanks for the info john, been on the internet with some folks about this info, but most guys i talk to arent old enough to know what im talking about Thaks Gepp
  6. Thank you keiser thats a start! Gepp
  7. can anyone please tell me who makes the tranny in the bliss surrey? Thanks Gepp
  8. Can anyone tell me what kind of trannyis in the bliss surrey and possibly who makes it. Thanks, G Epp
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